UHM-Hamilton & Sinclair Libraries: Access Services

Location: UHM-Hamilton & Sinclair Libraries: Access Services
Supervisor: Ruth Marie Quirk
Phone: (808)956-8525
Fax: (808)956-5952

Description of library/collection

The Access Services Department is responsible for providing access to the collections housed in Hamilton and/or Sinclair Libraries and does so by administering the following organizational and functional units: Circulation, Microforms & Current Periodical s, Interlibrary Loan & External Services, and Stacks Maintenance.

Description of internship

Internship will provide a broad view of Access Services, but may be tailored to the student’s specific Access Services area of interest (e.g., ILL and document delivery, including fee-based/cost-recovery services; Circulation, including training, customer service, course reserves, AV/multimedia circulation, management; creating reports from the integrated library system (ILS) and statistical analysis; etc).

Required prerequisites/qualifications

  • LIS 601: Intro to Reference Info Services
  • At least one semester of LIS coursework.

Desired qualifications

Able to work independently with minimal supervision; able to perform work accurately.

Weekly schedule

Flexible, but should average 10 hours per week, with a minimum of 2 hours per session.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

  • To gain practical experience in the development and implementation of Circulation policies and procedures.
  • To develop marketable Interlibrary Loan skills using document suppliers and OCLC.
  • To prepare and analyze statistical reports on library usage.

Evaluation methods

A written evaluation will be given using the standard LIS 690 evaluation form and a feedback session will be scheduled with the intern and supervising librarians.

Evaluation schedule

One evaluation will be completed at the end of the semester.