UHM-School of Law: Reference / Public Services

Location: Law Library: Reference / Public Services
Supervisor: Vicki Szymczak and Roberta Woods
Phone: 956-5581
Fax: 956-4615
Email: vjs777@hawaii.edu, rfwoods@hawaii.edu
Website: http://library.law.hawaii.edu/

Description of library/collection

The WSR Law Library serves the needs of the law school faculty and students, and secondarily the attorneys and the public. Its collection includes primary and secondary legal materials and legal periodicals, both in print, microform and online format. The staff includes five librarians and four paraprofessionals.

Description of internship

Web Design and Maintenance

Intern will receive training in web design and construction (some prior experience is preferred) to create webpages in order to assist students, faculty, library staff, and public patrons. Projects will include one or more of the following based on the intern’s abilities and preferences:

  • Updating, maintaining and enhancing the WSR Law Library website;
  • Creating set of webpages to guide public patrons in the use of the Law Library, including where to find legal resources online;
  • Creating reference pages such as web portals, such as Pacific Island legal resources, student research guides, and online tutorials;
  • Creating online intranet training guides for undergraduate library assistants;
  • Maintaining and updating the intranet library staff pages regarding references services, sources, and questions;
  • Troubleshoot and resolve site problems;
  • Test new ways to improve the usability and navigation of the website;
  • Assist staff with web-based instructional programs and presentations;
  • Collecting and analyzing online usage statistics and reference statistics using Excel and Access;
  • Answering email reference questions.

Required prerequisites/qualifications

  • 601 (Reference), 670 (Introduction to Information Science and Technology)
  • Interest in law librarianship.
  • Familiarity with basic Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access
  • Experience with HTML/CSS.

Desired qualifications

  • Legal reference knowledge and experience.
  • Programming skills-Basic UNIX, Linux, Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver.
  • Strong writing, problem-solving, and creativity skills.
  • Ability to work independently with attention to detail.

Weekly schedule

Internship will be approximately 10 hours a week, and the hours can be adjusted according to class schedules.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

  • Understanding of legal sources, both in print and online.
  • Experience in website design, development, and maintenance.
  • Experience in providing legal reference in an online format.
  • Understanding of online usage and reference statistics.

Evaluation methods

  • The intern will receive feedback throughout the internship.
  • The Evaluation of Student Intern form will be completed.

Evaluation schedule

The Evaluation of Student Intern form will be completed at mid-term and at the end of the semester by the supervising librarian(s).