UHM-Sinclair Library: Music Collection

Location: Sinclair Library Music Collection
Supervisor: Peter Shirts
Phone: 956-5425
Email: pshirts@hawaii.edu
Website: http://guides.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/music

Description of collection

The music collection in Sinclair is a special collection of music materials in a wide variety of formats, including monographs, printed music in full, miniature, and folio sized scores; serials, reference materials, CDs, LP recordings, cassettes, videotapes, laser discs, and CD-ROMs. The music librarian and his assistants provide access to these materials through the oversight of technical processes, collection development and reference services.

Description of internship

Work in a music collection requires a diversity of specialized skills such as a knowledge of music history and theory, ability to read music and a foreign language, as well as excellent organizational and communication skills. The intern would not be expected to possess all these skills but any or all of them would be advantageous to the applicant. The job is challenging but very rewarding.

Any LIS student who enjoys music or would like to learn more about it, and seeks training in a special collection would benefit from an internship in the music collection. The intern would experience a wide variety of technical and managerial opportunities in real-life situations. Some of the work involved is outlined below.

  • Provide basic reference service in music and music related areas. Time: 5 hr’s/wk
  • Do preorder searching of selected music and reserve book materials and prepare order forms. Time: 3-5 hr’s/wk
  • Organize and develop files, do processing, keep records for music related materials and Sinclair Library administration (i.e. office management) Time: 2-3 hr’s/wk
  • Assist in other projects such as displays, inventories, web site development, etc. Time: 3-5 hr’s/wk

Required prerequisites/qualifications

LIS 601: Intro to Reference & Info Services

Desired qualifications

LIS 605: Basic Cataloging & Classification

Interest in music (music background preferred)

Weekly schedule


Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

This intern would gain a broad range of both public and technical services skills. The UH Music Librarian will train and closely supervise this intern, resulting in a possession of working knowledge of a variety of practical library skills.

Evaluation methods

Factors may include accuracy in reference and collection development work, ability to communicate effectively both with the Music Librarian and the public at large, and mature critical thinking skills.

Evaluation schedule

Verbal and written feedback will be provided to the intern on an ongoing basis. A minimum of one written evaluation per semester will be provided.