UHM-Sinclair Library: Student Success Center

Location: Sinclair Library Student Success Center
Supervisor: Ruth Marie Quirk
Phone: 956-8525
Fax: 956-5952
Email: rmq@hawaii.edu

Description of the library/collection

Sinclair library’s Student Success Center (SSC) of the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa provides a one-stop place for all students to find or be referred to learning support services. Its goal is to supply students with information and to develop skills needed for success in their academic career and beyond.

Description of internship

Research the ongoing practices of podcasting at Universities. Organize and upload library materials for the Learning Resources section of iTunesU at University of Hawai’i. Includes: Selecting existing materials such as public domain library video materials, library created instructional tutorials, and recording and posting current speakers on campus. Make a public presentation on podcasting at UH libraries project.

Required prerequisites/qualifications

LIS 601 Introduction to Reference & Information Services, knowledge of standard computer applications such as Microsoft Office, web page creation, synchronous and asynchronous online environments.

Desired qualifications

  • Knowledge of streaming and video casting technology
  • Knowledge of copyright

Weekly schedule

Variable due to the recording of public speakers.

Learning/experiential goals or work outcomes expected

  • Theoretical knowledge of pod casting educational objectives and technology
  • Working knowledge of creation of including conversion, and live recordings.
  • Working knowledge of screen capturing software
  • Familiarity with copyright permissions for live recordings and conversions to digital delivery

Evaluation process/format

  • Annotated bibliography of readings
  • Paper discussing the historical analysis of the progression of iTunesU introduction to UH Libraries.
  • And provide recommendations for the library role in future development

Evaluation schedule

A written evaluation will be given using the standard LIS 690 evaluation form and a feedback session will be scheduled. Verbal and email feedback will be provided to the intern on an ongoing basis. A minimum of one written evaluation per semester will be provided.