Schedule of Classes

Location and Schedule of Courses

Courses are held at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus in Honolulu.

Online and hybrid course delivery options are available as resources permit. Distance education students are responsible for identifying themselves to the instructor and the LIS office as early as possible before the semester begins, to coordinate delivery of course materials as needed.

Classes meet once a week in the fall and spring semesters. Summer sessions may include three-week courses meeting daily Monday through Friday, or six-week courses meeting three times weekly. During summer sessions, do not plan on being employed for more than five hours a week during this period due to the time-intensive demands of the summer schedule.

Current/Future Schedules

Course Approval/Questions

Registration for LIS courses require written approval from your faculty advisor. For all other questions, please email the LIS office at


Course registration is conducted online via the MyUH website. Refer to the Academic Calendar site for registration deadlines.

Note: Some courses are offered through the UH Manoa extension schedule. When registering for LIS courses that have an “[OC]” notation, select that semester’s extension option when registering online via MyUH.

Four-year Tentative Schedule

In order to help students plan out their studies in the LIS Program, the faculty makes the four-year schedule available. This is a tentative schedule only, and is subject to change. Students should refer to the schedules published each semester to confirm that a course is being offered.