Office of the Program Chair

GAZAN, Rich – Associate Professor and Chair
Specialty: Social aspects of information technology
Education: BA 1987, University of California, Berkeley; MLIS 1998, University of Hawaii; PhD 2004, University of California, Los Angeles

DELAY, Christian – LIS Program Coordinator
Specialty: Academic Librarianship, Technical Services, Systems, E-Resources
Education: BS 1993, University of Oregon; MLISc 2006, University of Hawaii


ASATO, Noriko – Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Specialty: Japanese / Japanese American Print Cultures; Asian Librarianship; Censorship
Education: MEd 1991, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; MA 1993, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MLISc 2011, University of Hawaii; PhD 1998, Purdue University

HARADA, Violet – Professor Emeritus
Specialty: School Library Management
Education: BEd 1964, University of Hawaii; MEd 1966, University of Hawaii; MLS 1976, University of Hawaii; EdD 1982, University of Hawaii

IRVIN, Vanessa – Assistant Professor
Specialty: Reference; Public Libraries; Youth Services; Literacy Practices; Practitioner Inquiry
Education: BA 1987, Rutgers University; MSLS 2003, Clarion University; EdD 2012, University of Pennsylvania

JACSO, Peter – Professor
Specialty: Online Information Systems; Database Design and Evaluation; Database Publishing; Digital Librarianship; Citation Indexing
Education: PhD 1979, Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, School of Law and Political Science, Budapest; MS 1984, International Computer Educational & Information Center; MLIS 1994, University of Hawai’i

QUIROGA, Luz – Associate Professor
Specialty: Library Automation; Systems
Education: BSc 1971, Universidad Industrial de Sanander; MSc 1984, Autonomous National University of Mexico; PhD 1999, Indiana University–>

WERTHEIMER, Andrew – Associate Professor
Specialty: History of Libraries and Ethnic Print Cultures; Collection Management; Archive and Library Management; Foundations; Reference Services; Special Collections Librarianship; Bibliography
Education: BA 1993, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; MLS 1995, Indiana University; PhD 2003, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ICS Department Faculty, February 2013
Photo by Dr. Andrew Wertheimer