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900 South Beretania St., Honolulu, HI 96814

Internship Description

An intern at our library would engage in a number of projects that integrate aspects of collection management, cataloging, conservation/preservation, reference research (e.g. online and consortia), and community engagement.

The intern will participate in discussion and tasks per a roster of simultaneous projects, including copy/cataloging of existing holdings, preparing materials for donation, re-shelving of oversized folios, fielding reference questions, sorting materials for artist files, and assisting with the development of public programming as the museum’s public interface evolves. The intern will be introduced to the HoMA staff and community.

Library/Collection Description

The Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) is an encyclopedic museum, meaning that its collections include works that span ancient to contemporary eras and have been culled from around the world. The mission/vision of the Robert Allerton Art Library at HoMA aligns with the museum’s mission and exhibition schedule/history, and is a research resource of approximately 40,000 volumes, including books, journals, catalogs, and artist files. Special collections include: the Azabu Museum Library, Richard Lane, and Hiroko Ikeda Collections that focus on the museum’s extensive collection of Japanese woodblock prints.

Required Qualifications

Please see Desired Qualifications.

Desired Qualifications

Any combination of at least two of these courses would be desirable: LIS 605 Metadata Creation; LIS 615 Collection Management; LIS 619 Preservation Management; LIS 630 Community Engagement; LIS 645 Asian Research Materials & Methods; LIS 658 Archival & Special Collections Management.

Strong work ethic

Good communication skills


Weekly Schedule

Pending museum open hours, the intern will likely distribute their ten hours per week over a combination of public and non-public (backend) workdays, to work on a combination of projects (listed in “Description”) according to their preferences.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Familiarity and experience with collection management and special collections at a museum, i.e. how collections function within the library and how the library functions, publicly and internally, within the museum.
  • Consideration of policy and strategies relating to cataloging, collection management, and community engagement, especially as they integrate time management, project planning, communication within and outside an institution, and fostering an environment and librarian role that adapts to a diverse user population. Engagement will vary according to the intern’s preferences.

Evaluation Methods

Set and document goals and expectations; review and recast expectations. Scheduled bi-weekly meetings, guided per the LIS 690 evaluation form.

Evaluation Schedule

Scheduled bi-weekly meetings, and a mid-semester and final meeting per the LIS 690 evaluation form.

Contact Information

J. Vera Lee
(808) 532-8754
Last Updated: 2021January26