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LIS Student Announcement List

  • If you are a current, classified UH LIS graduate student, you must be on the LIS-STU mailing list since it is the primary communications channel for announcements like registration and graduation deadlines.
  • To sign up to the LIS-STU, follow the instructions in this handout. You will need Adobe Reader to read this document. If you encounter problems while signing up to the listserv, please contact the LIS-STU manager: Cyndi Scheopner, scheopne@hawaii.edu.
  • LIS-STU is an announcement list only. To subscribe to the LIS student discussion list, see LIS-L.

Guidelines for LIS-STU

First of all lis-stu is the conduit for "official" messages and announcements from the program. Since it's the primary channel for information to students we need to ensure that when a message appears, it is read because things from lis-stu are likely to be of immediate importance ... things like when to register, how to tell us that you're ready to graduate, class cancellations ... stuff like that. To have that urgency, lis-stu has to be a low-volume list.

As an example, if you are the representative from the program to some committee of the College of Natural Sciences, it is entirely proper for you to post the minutes of that meeting. But if you read them and want to comment on what went on, lis-stu isn't the right place. Nor is it the right place to say that you're looking for a car, or having a party for your schnauzer's birthday.

Please help us in making sure that everyone gets the important stuff by refraining from posting personal or general messages.

See RFC1855: Netiquette Guidelines for general information about online communications.

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