Joint Seminar

January 18, 2010 on 8:14 am | In Events |

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


1:00pm to 2:00pm

Joint Seminar

Department of Information and Computer Sciences

LIS647: Systems Analysis for Info. Management (Focus on creating Digital Libraries)

UH-LIS student chapter of American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) and the Special Libraries
Association (SLA)

Engaging the Public to Increase Accessibility to Digital Media Collections:

Utilizing folksonomies

Joan C. Nordbotten


Currently, information retrieval from digital media collections relies heavily on text annotations.  Libraries and
museums have invested substantial sums of time and finances in annotating and cataloging their material so that it is
retrievable. Unfortunately, the taxonomies used for cataloging do not necessarily include the search terms used by the
general public. This creates a language gap that can hinder location of relevant and interesting material for the
Internet user.

Folksonomies (Thomas Vander Wal, 2004), which consist of terms used and/or assigned by the general public while visiting
a web-site, are currently being advocated to address the language gap between information seekers and professionally
constructed object annotations. However, there are still numerous questions concerning utilization of Folkonomies. Just
what is a folksonomy? How does it relate to library/museum taxonomies? What is the quality of user tags? Should a
folksonomy be edited? How? Will the public ‘really’ participate? Can a library/museum accept these non-expert
annotations? …

This talk explores various aspects of these issues with the intention of setting a frame-work for debate.

Joan C. Nordbotten, is an associate professor in Information Science at the Department for Information and Media
Science, University of Bergen, in Bergen Norway. She has spent 4 separate years on sabbatical at the University of
Hawaii at Manoa, ICS/LIS, working on topics in information and data management. From 2001 through 2006 she developed and
taught ICS624 –Advanced data management, in both face-to-face and ALN versions.  Joan has been responsible for and
taught the development of data management courses at the University of Bergen. Recent projects include Virtual Exhibits
on Demand, focused on development of museum web-sites,  and Context Aware Image Management, focused on development of
image retrieval for mobile phones.  Joan is author of a web-book, Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems – MIRS as
well as numerous papers.

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