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July 13, 2007 on 8:23 am | In General |

The LIS Web Team would like to present the draft version of the new LIS Website, available at:

This is is (obviously) incomplete in many ways, but please take a look and make any suggestions you want. We are interested in hearing about the information architecture, content, presentation and overall feel - this is the time to contribute your ideas to this project!

Please contact the LIS Web Team with your suggestions/comments/ideas. Thanks!


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  1. Thanks Web Team! The new site looks great. I am looking forward to the addition of sections for prospective employers, alumni profiles, student portfolios, and all.

    I personally liked the earlier draft a bit more (the banner on the side) and smaller and more modern font.

    If you will do a blog, I think you also want to have a clear criteria for who can post — both text and comments. I think this should be for official news. If we do it as a free-for-all blog you might want one for jobs, another for scholarships, student/ faculty news, course details, etc.

    Keep up the great work. It would be nice if we could have the page in place before new student orientation on 15 Aug.


    Comment by Andrew Wertheimer — July 13, 2007 #

  2. Hi Dr. Wertheimer, thanks for your comment on the LIS website. We could try to accommodate some aesthetic changes to the site, if you could be a little more specific about what exactly you’d like to see. However, some things might not work: the font for example, unfortunately, really does work best in Verdana (as opposed to Arial in the picture) - I tested about 15 different fonts for the web and this one is just the most readable for large chunks of text, even if it’s not the most sophisticated-looking…

    As for the blog, I received your comment via the wordpress moderation option: which means I have to approve it before it will actually be posted. This is one way to keep out spam or other unwanted posts. Also, you have to have admin access to the site in order to post - one theory could be to have it the way we’ve always had it: the Web Team member in charge of updating the site receives post requests via email from faculty or student groups and posts; on the other hand we could have student group representatives allowed to post on their own (though these would still be moderated by the Web Team), which might be a good option.

    Our estimated launch is scheduled for August 13th - just before Orientation, so hopefully with everyone’s help we will have a working site by then. Thanks again for your comments!


    Comment by uhlis — July 13, 2007 #

  3. Aloha re-design web team

    So far the navigation is well designed; thanks for your work!

    Please consider adding information about the “thesis” option in the “program” space as an alternative to the oral exam

    Luz Q

    Comment by Luz M. Quiroga — August 1, 2007 #

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