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The Alumni Awards Committee announces the availability of the following awards for 2008:

A fourth award, the LIS Professional Award will not be offered this year due to a lack of funds.

Obtain application form here.

Ralph R. Shaw Memorial Award, Up to $500

Throughout his career, Ralph R. Shaw supported and encouraged self-improvement through library education. The UHM library community and its friends established this award to acknowledge and recognize his various contributions to the profession.

This award provides up to $500 for personal growth and development at all professional levels, including paraprofessionals, by furthering education at accredited library schools and programs. May be used to attend conferences or continuing education (i.e. workshops, institutes). Nominations may be made by an employer, teacher, or by the applicant.

Submit the completed application and a one-page statement describing your reason for application or nomination, how the educational or development goal meets the purposes of the award, and how award will be used to meet this goal. Two letters of recommendation, from a supervisor, teacher, employer or administrator familiar with nominee's library and information-related activities are required for self-nomination.

Obtain application form here.

LIS Student Award, Tuition Assistance, Up to $500

Applicant must be a UH LIS student with at least 9 LIS credits by August 2008, or be a May or August 2008 LIS graduate continuing towards the Advanced Certificate.

Submit the completed application and a statement no longer than 2 pages, describing your goals in and commitment to the library profession.

Include GPA in LIS/ICS courses, LIS/ICS courses taken and those in which you are currently enrolled, and list scholarships, awards, and tuition waivers currently receiving. Recommendations are optional but may help in evaluating your application.

Applicants are judged on leadership potential (leadership in LIS and/or professional organizations and committees), professional promise (i.e., library/information-related volunteer work, internships, practicum, and professional library employment, publications in a library/information-related area, creation of a web site, acting as a Webmaster or list owner), and potential for academic success (GPA in LIS/ICS courses).

Special consideration will be given to students not receiving other scholarships or tuition waivers.

Obtain application form here.

Mary Edward Professional Award, up to $500

Provides up to $500 for Hawaii librarians, UH LIS graduates, and students in the Advanced Certificate program to further their professional goals. Can be used for travel and publication support.

Submit the completed application, a current one- page resume and a separate one­page statement describing your professional goal, how it meets the intent of the award and how the money will be spent.

Applicants are judged on how the project shows promise to offer the greatest good to the most use rs and evidence of informative or creative use of funding. Must not have received a LIS award in the last three years.

Obtain application form here.

Application Deadline: 4:30 pm, Thursday, April 24, 2008

All attachments must be typed. Incomplete applications are not considered.

Send your application to:
Jodie Mattos, LIS Alumni Awards Committee
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hamilton Library
2550 McCarthy Mall, Honolulu, HI 96822.
Fax or email submissions are not accepted.

Obtain application form here.

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