May 6, 2001 Meeting minutes are not available, in attendance were: Jeff Boling (new), Cora Nishimura (president), Pearl Dias (Treasurer), Gwen Sinclair (Vice-President), Jackie Reed (Secretary).


July 15, 2001 Meeting minutes:

Present: Jeff Boling (New), Cora Nishimura (President), Pearl Dias (Treasurer), Gwen Sinclair (Vice President), Linda Sjorgren (New).


Treasurer's report:

Pearl presented the treasurer's report. There was a question about the duties as stated in bylaws “He/She shall prepare a written financial statement at to be included in the Fall Newsletter.”, but need to verify with the bylaws. Change in treasurer from Pearl to Jeff. Pearl handed the treasurer binder to Jeff. There are older documents included which will be filed in the archives. Switch over co-signer from Dr Osborne to Dr Harada.


New Officers and vacant positions:

New term starts September 1.

New officers:

President - Gwen Sinclair

Treasurer - Jeff Boling (starts term now)

Secretary - Jackie Reed

Past President - Cora Nishimura


Committee Chairs:

Continuing Education – Linda Sjogren

Membership – Ihsia Hu

Awards – Jodie Mattos ?


Positions still vacant: Vice President, Events Chair, At Large (2).


Possible members: Jocelyn C, Stacy J, Ann C, Stewart C.


Alumni of the year:

No nominations, no award this year. Voting on "OTHER" category needs to be officially voted on via email (only 4 members present at voting time- no quorum).


Continuing Education:

Linda has been looking into different speakers. Gwen suggested Elenita Tapawan (will be on island this year).


Alumni Reunion:

26 people attended the LIS reunion at the New Pisa Restaurant. Despite large crowds due to other events in the area, it went well. Pictures to be posted on the LIS alumni site. Dr Jacso gave a talk about the program and where it is heading. Need to close the bank account once refunds are made to those who did not attend.



Still in present state. Need to find someone willing to convert to access database. Send email to all LIS groups. File contains about 1800 records.


Additional discussion:

Recruitment into LIS program. Discussed possibility of helping LIS program when they recruit people for the program.


Next Meeting: Sunday, September 09, 2001, 12:10, Sinclair Library


Submitted by: Cora Nishimura, President