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University of Hawai'i at Manoa Library and Information Science Program Alumni Group

LIS ALUMNI GROUP Operations Manual


Alumnus or Alumna of the Year

Type of librarianship rotation:

The Membership and Events Chairs are responsible for soliciting nominations. One person is responsible for the collection of nominations and requesting the nominees' resume/cv, duplication of relevant information for board selection of the awardee, and informing all nominees and nominators.

A plaque must be requested from the Trophy House for the awardee. The President or his/her designee presents the award at either the Oahu Reunion or the ALA Reunion. The award is also announced in the alumni newsletter.

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Executive Board encourage all alumni to voluteer to be officers or be part of the various standing committee. Please contact current president for details.

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Mailing Labels

  1. click go to apple icon on the top left corner of the screen
  2. choose "SLIS Alumni Database alias" from the pull-down menu
  3. click on the icon next to the browse button at the bottom left of the screen
  4. you should see a left hand menu bar appears on the screen
  5. click on the welcome button on the left hand menu bar and choose main page
  6. To gather addresses:
    1. click on to scripts on top menu bar and choose "find a record"
    2. a different screen should come up
    3. check one destination
    4. if that is the only one you need, click "find" at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, click "find next set"
    5. repeat last step until you have gathered all the addresses you want
    6. if you are compiling addresses for mailing newsletter, make sure the Print Newsletter box is check. You may need to scroll to the next screen to see that option.
    7. read instruction on the right for additional hints.
  7. To sort addresses you have compiled:
    1. click on third item on the top menu bar and choose "sort" on the pull-down menu
    2. make sure (country), address_zip, and name_surname are on the right hand windows and in the order you want it to sort before clicking the sort button in the middle of the screen
  8. To print mailing labels:
    1. click on the top button at the left hand side bar (same button as welcome or main record) and choose Avery 5160
    2. click on the browse button and choose print preview
    3. to look at the next page, you need to click on the codex on the left hand side bar, right under the first button
    4. eyeball all pages to check for inconsistencies or errors (make sure no mailing or no forwarding address are not included.)
    5. click on to file on the top menu bar and choose print
    6. to test print, limit to 1 page and click print
    7. to print all labels, make sure you choose Manual Feed as the page source.
    8. open the front tray of the printer, fan labels sheet and do not feed more than 5 pages at a time
    9. when you are ready to print the labels, minimize FileMaker Pro (click the top left icon to hide file) and click on the Laser Writer 16/600 PS
    10. click ok and start feeding label sheets.
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Newsletter needs to be formatted for web navigation as well as print for mass mailing.

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Newsletter--print format

Try to format the newsletter so that there will be few pages to be duplicated. The newletter can be duplicated at the Campus Duplicating Center. They will bill us.

  1. Fill out a duplication request (yellow) in duplicate (available from LIS office). Request that the copies be delivered to the LIS office or another convenient location in Hamilton.
  2. Have the request signed by both the department chair and Larry Osborne, and by the fiscal officer at the UH Foundation (Bachman Annex 12, Room 6).
  3. Hand-carry the request, with a master, to Campus Duplicating (Engineering Quad 31C, across from the Peacesat Building).
  4. They will give you a pink receipt.
  5. Duplicating can take up to two weeks.
  6. Other things need to be done in conjunction with making copies of newsletter:
    • Check alumni database to find out how many newsletters are needed (determine from how many labels are printed). Make sure the Print Newsletter box is checked in the "find a record" screen. Print a few extras.
    • About half the alumni in the database are in Hawaii.
    • Campus mail is not handled by the mailing service. When labels have been printed, pull out newsletters for campus mail, label, and put in campus mail.
  7. Print out mailing labels
  8. Get price quote from Cardinal Mailing Service (538-3884) and arrange for pick-up. They will mail the newsletters and return any extras. They will bill us.
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Printing Postcards

If at all possible, avoid making copies of the postcard. Cardstock paper is too thick to be autofeed. You will have to feed each paper one by one.

  1. If you do not have the id code, ask Jodie.
  2. Make a copy on the white paper.
  3. Put it on top of the stock paper to see if it will be cut evenly.
  4. If it looks good, do NOT move the original.
  5. Put the paper in the manual feed tray and choose the paper trays until you see the "portriat paper" orientation and "bypass" icons are lighted.
  6. Start printing by setting a high number of copies.
  7. Here is the trick, you need to find out what is the pace of the machine. If you feed it too slowly, you will have to keep pressing continue. If you feed it too fast, it will jam.
  8. Once you find the rhythm, you will be able to make twenties or more without jamming.
  9. If the paper jammed, open the top (handle at the bottom left of the top portion of the copier). There will usually be two paper. The one in the front is usually ruined and the one in the back is sometimes difficult to see. The area is usually not hot and can pull the card stock out slowly.
  10. Good luck when you print the other side. Make sure text or graphic will not be cut off on either side of the postcard.
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Reunion - OAHU

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Reunion - ALA

  1. October: recruit committee for ALA Annual Conference alumni reunion
  2. Determine if the reunion will be part of the ALA cooperative reunion, or if it will be separate.
  3. Find out if the regional chapter of UHAA is willing to co-sponsor the event.
  4. Request that the ALA meeting space off-site form be forwarded from the Alumni Group to the working group.
  5. Ask faculty about their availability on Saturday or Sunday and determine a tentative date/time. Work around major events or heavily sponsored functions.
  6. October-December: Locate possible sites based on ease of access, price, menu options (at least one vegetarian option and a buffet/set menu style preferred) and the availability of a separate room.
  7. December-January: Reunion committee recommends 2-3 choices and suggestion for RSVP to the Board.
  8. Board decides on date, time, location, price, and RSVP.
  9. January: Committee makes reservation, pays deposit, and arranges for reimbursement.
  10. Committee submits ALA form for reunion event listing in the conference program.
  11. Committee appoints an individual to handle RSVPs and financial transactions (may be handled by UHAA or a local individual).
  12. February: The committee drafts a promotional email, newsletter announcement, and web page information, including directions to the event site.
  13. March: Appoint individuals to handle publicity.
  14. April-May: Receive RSVPs and send acknowledgements. List attendees on web page (to entice others to participate).
  15. Prepare short program. LIS has been providing a guest book for alumni to sign, and alumni group provided copies of the latest newsletter. The Alumus/a of the Year award recipient may also be recognized at the reunion.
  16. Appoint individuals to be greeters and a volunteer photographer.
  17. May: Preliminary head count and reminders.
  18. June: Give restaurant final head count (plus two more if budget permits for walk-ins) and confirm arrangements (use deadline imposed by restaurant).
  19. June/July: Have fun at the event and recruit new volunteers.
  20. July: Board sends official thanks to individuals who contributed to the organization of a successful event.
  21. September: prepare short article for newsletter and prepare photos for web site.
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Website - Guidelines

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Welcoming New Alumni

One executive board member should represent the LIS Alumni Group at the graduation party, hosted by Hui Dui, at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. The graduation party at the end of the Spring semester includes the Summer graduates. The party details should be known about four to six weeks before the end of the semester.

To ensure a smooth presentation, the following steps should be taken:

  1. The attending board member should get party notification by informing the LIS Program secretary or the Student Affairs Officer of their desire to attend the festivities, or by e-mailing Hui Dui at
  2. Upon receiving the party notification, let Hui Dui know who is coming and make any necessary payment arrangements.
  3. Get the names and e-mail addresses of all the graduates from the LIS Program secretary.  Don't forget to include the Summer graduates for the Spring graduation party.
  4. Give the names and e-mail addresses to the people who need to update the alumni database and mailing list.
  5. If party expenses needs to be reimbursed by the Alumni Group, a notation in the executive board minutes will need to be included. A receipt of payment (usually a cancelled check), a copy of the invitation and a copy of the board minutes will be needed to obtain reimbursement from UH Foundation.
  6. Purchase mailing labels and 9 X 12 inch envelopes for the welcome packets. The mailing labels only need to include the graduate's name, semester of graduation and the name of the program. For example:

Stewart Chun
Fall 1996 graduate
University of Hawaii - Manoa
Library and Information Science Program

  1. The items included in the welcome packet:
    1. LIS Alumni Group President's welcome letter (Sample Form Letter)
    2. Current Newsletter (duplicate as needed with camera-ready copy, if possible)
    3. UH transcript request form (Admission and Records/Cashier's Office)
    4. UH common application form (Admission and Records)
    5. ALA: application (LIS office/advisor: Dr. Osborne)
    6. ASIST: application (student chapter/advisor: Dr. Nahl or web)
    7. SLA: application (student chapter/advisor: Dr. Jacso)
    8. SLA - Hawaii/Pacific Chapter: President's letter, and latest newsletter.
    9. Hawaii Library Association: President's letter, HLA's application and latest newsletter.
    10. Hawaii Association of School Librarians: President's letter, HASL's application and latest newsletter.
    11. Association of Hawaii Archivists: application and newsletter.

Sample letter to solicit materials from library organizations.

If the graduating student is unable to attend the party, arrangements will have to be made to mail the packets.

Library and Information Science Program  
University of Hawai'i at Manoa 
Attn: LIS Alumni Group
Hamilton Library Room 2
2550 McCarthy Mall
Honolulu, HI 96822