Developing a Network of Professionals

Judi Morton

Judi Morton at Pearl City High School found that PEARL helped her to develop her professional network. She learned that she was not alone in the challenges she faced as a Senior Project teacher and advisor. In the following video, Judi describes ideas she gained from the PEARL network of educators to implement and help her students become better writers. Continue reading

Konawaena High School Library Improves Web Presence

Woody Plaut

Woody Plaut, the librarian at Konawaena High School felt that PEARL helped him to improve his Web presence for the Senior Project. He said, “Last year it [the senior project manual] was a 45-page document online and finding anything in it was tough. It wasn’t chunked out and individually split. I came back from PEARL and spent two weeks putting this together and I ran it all past the counselor while I was doing it. We actually decided on a lot of things we wanted to do at PEARL because we used those sessions to sort of look back. We were running back and forth on how we would make this better, what we were going to do that was different. I know that this whole online manual came directly out of PEARL.”

You can find Konawaena’s Senior Project page in their virtual library at Forms.htm.