Farrington Future Chefs Produce Cookbooks

Culinary students in Farrington High SchoolJuniors in Farrington High School’s Culinary Arts Academy are not only learning the finer points of food preparation and general tips on healthy eating but they are producing cookbooks and video clips of recipes that they are creating in their classroom kitchens. The first volume of their cookbook entitled Cooking Like a Gov was published last year with a range of chicken recipes. They followed up this year with a second volume that features recipes for tri-steak entrees that use locally grown and raised food products.

Using a project based approach to learning, the Culinary I juniors also created demonstration video clips using iMovie to highlight procedures and techniques used to create these outstanding meals. All Cooking Like a Gov demonstration videos can be accessed via the Farrington High School website at http://farringtonhighschool.org
Mrs. Tracy Hatanaka and Mr. John Salcedo are the key instructors involved in the Culinary Arts Academy. As school librarian, Julie Tomomitsu assisted students and teachers with this real-world application of culinary skills. Students’ researched nutritional information on local produce, explored a vast number of recipe books to get ideas and collaborated with team members on filming, writing, designing and planning each entrée. Nutritional information and additional resources that students used are posted on Glogsters that are also featured in Volume II of Cooking Like a Gov.

A very limited supply of Cooking Like a Gov, Volume II is available for $5.00. Please email Julie Tomomitsu at julie_tomomitsu@notes.k12.hi.us if interested.

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