Amber Kim Studies Graphene

AmberWhen Amber Kim, a senior at McKinley High School, attended a physics workshop at UH Manoa, she heard about a substance called graphene that sparked her curiosity and inspired her to undertake a senior project. She conducted extensive research on the substance and learned that graphene is a thin layer of pure carbon, which is a single, tightly packed layer of carbon atoms that is bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. She was drawn to its amazing properties: graphene is the thinnest compound known to man at one atom thick, the lightest material, the best conductor of heat at room temperature, and also the best conductor of electricity known. As the lightest and strongest material and with its ability to conduct heat and electricity, this substance has the potential of being integrated into an amazing number of applications. Such applications include wireless standards, sensory and biological applications, military equipment, and energy storage. Continue reading

Kalani Girls Win Aspiration in Computing Awards

Kalani High School’s Robotics Team, “Team Magma,” walked away with 8 of 16 awards recognizing high school girls for their expertise and aspirations in computing and technology at a special awards luncheon on March 14, 2016. The ceremony was jointly sponsored by the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) and the UH Department of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) on the Manoa campus.


First row, l to r: Lee Danielle Young, Sara Nakagaki, Liana Michelle Young, Shirley Li, Alexandria Lim. Second row, l to r: Rosetta Pendleton, Yongqi Lin, Camelia Lai

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