Hiromu Rose Creates App for Students

Hiromu Rose

Hiromu Rose

Hiromu Ryan Rose, a senior at McKinley High School, created an app that he describes as “similar to a planner and a checklist. You list all your classes or activities and then put tasks under each category that you need to complete.” His purpose in undertaking this project was to emphasize the importance of computer programming and to support its inclusion as a requirement in the high school curriculum. To complete his app, Hiromu gathered information and statistics about the gap between programming jobs and the people who apply for these jobs. He also investigated the benefits of programming for students and how it helped them in their lives.
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Mililani Sophomores Win First Place in Central District Science Fair

Shiroma-Tsou Mililani

Lindsay Shiroma and Cindy Tsou

Cindy Tsou and Lindsay Shiroma, sophomores at Mililani High School, won top honors at the Central District Science Fair held at Honolulu Community College this year. In May 2017, they will present their project entitled, “The Effect of Nutrient Limitation on Algal Biomass Production” at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles. These students designed a photo-bioreactor system that provided algae with carbon dioxide, oxygen and aquarium growth lights for an optimal growth environment for the algae. It’s no wonder that these young women placed first when you consider that their research is normally too complex to conduct for a science fair project. As Lindsay tells it

Some of the questions we researched were what nutrients we should use and what concentrations we should use, what kind of algae should we conduct this experiment on, what steps should we take for the analysis, and how could our project help the earth.

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Woody Plaut Creates Debate Class at Konawaena Intermediate

Debate course

Debate course at Konawaena Intermediate

Enterprising and creative are two adjectives that define Woody Plaut, National Board certified librarian at Konawaena Intermediate. Woody recognized the need for more course electives that inspired critical thinking in his middle school students at Konawaena. Two years ago, this prompted him to create and teach a course in debate. To his knowledge, this is the first public middle school program of its kind in the state.

His debate classes meet during periods 2 and 4 in a six-period block schedule. This means that Woody works with the students three or four times in a full week. The 7th graders meet in a semester class while the 8th graders meet in quarter classes as well as a semester class.
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Alexis Cariaga’s Research with Brine Shrimp Connects with Monitoring Ocean’s Health


Alexis Cariaga

In 2014, Alexis Cariaga enrolled in the PaCES-HIMB program through Windward Community College. This six-week course was a pivotal experience for the Pearl City High senior. She said, “I developed a passion for biological life and an appreciation for Hawaii’s Ahupua‘a system, coral reefs, and native plants.” The following year, she became a student mentor in the program and found that it strengthened her communication and leadership skills. Continue reading