Aloha and welcome to the LIS Program! We hope you enjoy learning about our program and all we have to offer. We are located in Hamilton Library in Honolulu’s lush Mānoa Valley. In 2015, we are celebrating 50 years of excellence in LIS education. If you have any questions about admissions, please contact 808.956.7321 or

Admissions Criteria

  • Undergraduate Degree
    • A (four-year) bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in any major. There are no course prerequisites to enter the LIS Program as long as the applicant has a bachelor’s degree.
  • Scholastic Ability
    • Evidence of above average scholastic ability and promise for successful graduate study, shown by graduation with a “B” (3.0) average or higher.
  • Professional Promise
    • Evidence of professional promise as shown in two letters of reference submitted with official UHM MLISc Recommendation Forms [see Application Procedures: 2(b)].
  • Graduate Record Examination
    • GRE General Test scores are recommended but no longer required. Subject area questions are also not required.
  • Computer Literacy
    • Basic computer literacy as evidenced from computer courses for credit, non-credit workshops, or a non-classroom environment.
  • International Students
    • TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language
    • English language competency as evident by a minimum score of 600.

Special emphasis is placed on recruiting from Asian and Pacific nations because of the Program’s location and the University’s interest in strengthening ties with the region. About 10 percent of the student body is from this area.

Graduates are expected to assume a leadership role in their country upon program completion, and are accordingly granted an exchange visitor visa valid for the period required to complete the MLISc Program. Applicants from countries other than the U.S. or Canada should plan to spend at least two years to complete their programs, make cultural and educational adjustments, and, if necessary, increase English-language proficiency.