New Student Orientation

All incoming classified students, including those on a neighbor island, must attend the LIS New Student Orientation held before the start of the semester. Neighbor island students should make travel arrangements well in advance so that they can arrive on Oahu in time for the event.

The orientation takes place on the Wednesday before classes begin and is designed to acquaint students with each other and the LIS faculty as well as providing information about academic regulations and procedures. Incoming students will also meet with an assigned faculty advisor to select that semester’s courses and discuss their academic goals. Please RSVP to

Based upon the current academic calendar, the dates for upcoming LIS orientations are listed below. It is possible that the calendar will change, so keep in touch with the Program upon your admission.

Fall 2016: August 17, 2016 @ Hamilton Library, Room 003F

The orientation schedule begins at 8:30 a.m. and continues until approximately 1:30 p.m. Coffee and pastries are provided.

The Graduate Student Organization and the Office of Graduate Education jointly sponsor an orientation for all new graduate students on campus each August. It has recently been held on the Thursday morning before classes begin. This is separate from the LIS Program Orientation. It contains useful information for students new to the UH Manoa campus as well as local students who are beginning graduate studies and participation is encouraged.

After you are officially admitted to the program and before orientation, please note the following:

  • If you do not already have a UH username, please request one.
  • Once you have your UH username, complete the LIS Computer Account Form. You may return it using the secure UH File Drop service or bring it with you to orientation.
  • Let LIS office staff know the name you prefer to use (e.g., nickname, middle name, Hawaiian name) by sending email to
  • Inform the Program if you are a neighbor island student so that we can plan your distance education needs.
  • If you have prior library experience, please list the nature of the work, the work site and the dates for each position and bring that with you to orientation. We do not need a complete CV or job description, just something that lets your advisor have a sense of your preparation and experience.
  • If you have taken LIS courses from other schools that you would like to have counted toward the UH LIS degree, please complete the Petition to Transfer Credits and bring the completed petition with you to orientation so that you may discuss it with your advisor. Courses taken for other degrees may not be counted toward the MLISc unless they are part of the Dual Degree Agreements.