Advanced Certificates

Certificates in Advanced Library and Information Science (CALIS)

Statement of Purpose

The Certificate in Advanced Library and Information Science (CALIS) is offered to those who complete a successful, coherent program of specialized study and research beyond the Master of Library and Information Science (MLISc).

Option A of CALIS allows specialization in applying computer and information technologies to information environments; and extending information management skills in information system design, evaluation, and the development of user services.

Option B of CALIS in school librarianship allows specialization in applying computer and information technologies to elementary and secondary school libraries; and extending curriculum planning skills in information literacy and general literacy instruction.

No diploma is awarded, however a certificate of achievement is sent after successful completion of courses and the research project. The Certificate provides an opportunity for professional development concentrated on aspects of information technology.

Enrollment Requirements

Once admitted, students are expected to remain enrolled each semester until the requirements are completed. If it is necessary to withdraw temporarily, students must reapply for admission when returning, observing application deadlines.

Credits over five years old are not applicable to the certificate requirements, thus the program must be completed in no more than five years.

Students must be enrolled in the program during the semester when the certificate is to be awarded. If the 15-credit requirement has been met and students are not taking additional courses during that semester, LIS 699 Directed Reading may be used with the research paper as the basis for the reading, although it does not count toward the 15-credit requirement.

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