School Library Media Specialist Licensure

The Hawaii Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) must license students interested in becoming school library media specialists in the Hawaii Department of Education (HDOE). As part of the licensure process, they must complete the School Library Media Specialist track for the MLISc Program. The LIS Program also works with the UHM College of Education to comply with the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) guidelines.

Those who enter the LIS Program to earn HTSB licensure must also have completed an accredited teacher education program. Preparation for teacher training must include courses in developmental psychology, curriculum and instruction, teaching of reading, and student teaching. If these prerequisites have not been met at the time a student enters the MLISc degree program, he or she may concurrently take course work to meet these requirements.

While other states and private schools may not require the same course work as the HDOE, students are strongly encouraged to follow the licensure track if they intend to work in school libraries.

Licensure Requirements:

Core LIS curriculum (15 credits):

  • LIS 601 Intro to Reference & Information Services
  • LIS 605 Metadata Creation for Information Organization
  • LIS 610 Foundations of Information Professions
  • LIS 615 Collection Management
  • LIS 663 Database Searching
    [Note: LIS 650 is replaced by LIS 684 below]

Core School Library Specialization curriculum (9 credits):

  • LIS 684 Administration of School Library Media Centers
  • LIS 686 Information Literacy & Learning Resources
  • LIS 696V Practicum in Librarianship

Materials & Services for Children and Youth (6 credits):

  • LIS 681 Books & Media for Children
  • LIS 682 Books & Media for Young Adults
  • LIS 683 Services in Libraries
  • LIS 685 Traditional Literature & Oral Narration
  • LIS 689 Asian American Resources for Children & Youth
  • LIS 693 and LIS 694 Special Topics as they relate to services for children and youth

Technology Knowledge Requirement (3 credits):

There are a number of LIS and ICS courses that meet this requirement. Work closely with your LIS faculty advisor to select a course that is relevant for your needs.

Additional Electives (6 credits):

Graduate courses at the 400 and 600 levels from other departments might be considered if they are appropriate for this specialization. The LIS advisor must first approve all courses.