Distance Education

The Program’s distance education offerings permit students on neighbor islands to attend courses synchronously (i.e., hybrid online/face-to-face courses) and asynchronously (i.e., entirely online courses).

Due to limited resources, the Program is unable to provide remote access to each semester’s complete course roster; a rotating selection of courses is available each semester in order to maximize the Program’s distance education resources. As a result, it may take remote students longer to complete the program than if they were on-site students.

Because of time-zone differences, the nature of hybrid courses, and staffing limitations, the Program does not accept out-of-state students in synchronous hybrid courses.

Information for Neighbor Island Students

Program faculty and staff can provide additional support to neighbor island students who wish to pursue the MLISc degree, but distance education requires an extremely high level of personal motivation and responsibility. So that neighbor island students know what their responsibilities are, the following is a list of program requirements:

Whom to contact
Your faculty advisor: Questions you may have regarding your academic program of study in your degree program and approval for courses each semester. Examples: What courses would work well for your area of interest. Your faculty advisor was chosen for you according to your indicated area of interest in your statement of objectives in your application. You may change advisors as long as you obtain approval from the new advisor and you notify the LIS office.

The LIS office: Administrative processes having to do with your degree program, registration information, petitions to add/drop after deadlines, or Leave of Absence forms.

Graduate Records Office: Located in Spalding Hall, this office oversees the operation of all graduate-degree programs on the Manoa campus. Some administrative work is processed directly out of this office, including the Intent to Graduate form.

Admissions and Records Office: Located in the Manoa Student Services Center, Admissions and Records handles all official address changes, transcript requests and Hawaii residency requirements for in-state tuition.

All incoming classified students must attend the LIS New Student Orientation held before the start of the semester. If students are unable to attend in person, they must contact the Program Coordinator so that accommodations can be made for the students to participate via Skype or Halawai (Adobe Connect).

All LIS students are required to have a UH email address, to inform LIS of their email address, and to check their UH email on a regular basis (at least once a week). Lack of a computer or difficulty in accessing computer facilities does not excuse students from checking their email. It is especially critical for neighbor island students to have email access, so that they can obtain important information in a speedy manner. It is most strongly urged that neighbor island students purchase their own PCs.

Faculty Advising
All classified students must confer with their faculty advisor each semester regarding their program of study. Continuing students communicate with their advisor as part of pre-registration, to obtain permission for courses they wish to take. LIS will not give course approval to classified LIS students unless they have communicated with their advisor and obtained permission first, as noted in their student files. This includes neighbor island students.

All students, including distance students, must contact their faculty advisor for permission to take any courses that are to be counted toward their LIS degrees.

Summer Session classes: After obtaining permission from an advisor, students must register through the Outreach College Office. Students who did not register for a Manoa class in the preceding Spring semester are required to complete a (Summer Session) Outreach College Enrollment Information Form.

Fall and Spring semesters at Manoa: Students wishing to register for a Manoa campus class must inform the LIS Office as early as possible in the previous semester. Failure to do so in the previous semester may result in the neighbor island student not being allowed to register into the Manoa registration system.

Students should also refer to the UH Distance Learning site for a list of support services and resources available to distance students.

Students who plan to graduate must submit a Graduate Application for Degree form during the first two weeks of their final semester. The form is available as PDF on the Graduate Records web site or in print from the Office of Graduate Education in Spalding Hall, room 354. Students who fail to complete this form in a timely manner will not graduate on time.

Graduating LIS students who opt for the oral comprehensive exam are required to attend an orientation either by attending in person on Oahu or watching a recording at the start of the semester. Distance students may take the oral comprehensive exam in person on Oahu or online (a computer with webcam and microphone are required). Students who take the exam online require a local exam proctor with an ALA-accredited MLIS degree (or equivalent), who will be present with the student during the exam; students are responsible for locating a proctor and submitting their credentials and contact information to the Program Chair for approval. Oral exams are conducted on Fridays and last one hour. Summer graduates must schedule and take their exam in the preceding Spring semester.