MLISc / Asian Studies MA

(Primary degree: Asian Studies): Of the 36 credits required for this MA, LIS counts 9 credits at the 400 and 600 levels towards the MLISc. Thus only 30 LIS credits for the MLISc are needed instead of 39, for a total of 66 credits for both degrees.

(Primary degree: MLISc): Of the 39 credits required for the MLISc, the Department of Asian Studies accepts 9 credits from the following so the MA requires 27 Asian studies credits:

  • LIS 645 – Asian Research Materials and Methods
  • Other courses (LIS 693, LIS 694, LIS 699) may be accepted depending on the amount of Asian Studies content.
  • Besides LIS 705, all LIS courses for cross-listing must be pre-approved by the student’s Asian Studies advisor.
Primary Degree MA MLISc Total
Asian Studies 36 30 66
Library / Info Studies 27 39 66
If obtained separately 36 39 75

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