MLISc / Juris Doctor (JD)

LIS students seeking a JD must have completed at least one semester of graduate work before starting law school. Law students seeking an MLISc must have completed the first year of law school before starting their MLISc work.

Once admitted to both programs, students must notify the Office of Graduate Education of the intent to pursue a joint degree via a memo endorsed by both departments.

Double Counting: Up to 9 law credits may be counted toward the MLISc. Up to 10 LIS credits may be counted toward the JD. Only electives may be double counted for a total of 19 credits. Thus the MLISc requires 30 LIS credits (plus 9 law credits), and the JD will require 79 law credits (plus 10 LIS credits). Suggested courses for double counting (others may be taken with approval from advisers) are:

  • LAW 514 – English Legal History
  • LAW 515 – Computers and the Law
  • LAW 530 – Legal History
  • LAW 535 – Intellectual Property
  • LIS 618 – Government Documents
  • LIS 663 – Database Searching
  • LIS 667 – Advanced Database Searching
Focus JD MLISc Total
Juris Doctor 89 30 119
Library / Info Studies 79 39 118
If obtained separately 89 39 131

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