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Basic CSS Template

Below is a link to a set of CSS-based html files which you can use as the basis for your ePortfolio, if you like. Because it is CSS-based, you can change the colors and text layout to suit your own tastes very easily - though we recommend keeping the basic page layout, because it is tested to work in Netscape, Firefox, and IE without gliches. Good luck!

Click below to open the template site in a new window:

Click below to download the files individually. Right click on the file you want, and click "save target / link as" to save to you computer. There are six files, and you need to put all six in the same directory to make it work:

Known Issues: When saving the above files in Internet Explorer, they will be named .htm by default. To be consistent with how the code was written in the template, you must rename the file extension: .html
Our current recommendation is to view this page in Mozilla Firefox and save the files from there in order to avoid this issue.

Other Samples

Listed below are the four e-portfolio templates that were created for University of Hawaii LIS students to use depending on area of interest. The School Media Librarian template is the only template with fully functional links. Browse this template to get a full preview. The other three templates present design ideas for your e-portfolio main page.

Clicking on the links below will open a new browser window.

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