LOEX of the West 2006

Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii

Kohala (Kona) Coast of Hawaii's Big Island
June 8-10, 2006


Loex of the West 2006 welcomes the following keynote speakers for the Opening General Sessions:

Pua Kanahele

Pua KanahelePualani Kanakaole Kanahele, kumu hula of Halau o Kekuhi, is regarded as a loea (expert) of Hawaiian cultural practices and a living national treasure.She is currently the Humanities Department Chair at Hawaii Community College.

Mrs. Kanahele is widely recognized throughout Hawaii as a scholar, educator and practitioner of Hawaiian culture. She is an accomplished writer; a music, stage and film producer; a dedicated community leader; and a renowned kumu hula.

Born and raised in Keaukaha on the Big Island, Kanahele was raised in the traditions of her ancestors, a tradition that expected excellence in the understanding of oral traditions, life systems, Hawaiian mythic realities and the natural world. She has been highly influential in the resurgence of Hawaiian practices and interest in all things Hawaiian. As one of two daughters of the late hula and chant master, Edith Kanakaole, she along with her sister, Nalani, are kumu hula of the world-renowned classical Hawaiian cultural dance and dance group, Halau o Kekuhi. Halau o Kekuhi transmits oral traditions sustained through seven generations of matrilineal descent and continues this unbroken link through Kanahele and her sister.

James Dator

Jim DatorJames Dator is Professor, and Head of the Alternative Futures Graduate Option, Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii and Director of Hawaii Research Center for Future Studies. He founded the Institute for Alternative Futures in 1977 with Alvin Toffler and Clement Bezold. In 1966 he taught the first course in any U.S. university on the future.

He is a global leader in the futures field, having served as the Secretary General and the President of the World Futures Studies Federation. He has lectured and conducted futures workshops with several thousand general, professional, governmental, business, as well as futurist, audiences throughout the world.

As a futurist Dr. Dator has worked in several major topical areas including the media, government, space exploration and travel, and the judiciary. Dr. Dator and his students and graduates have pioneered the field of judicial futures. This has included major projects in Hawaii, as well as working with the judiciaries in over 20 states in the U.S. as well as in the Federated States of Micronesia, and especially the State of Pohnpei. Prof. Dator has also consulted extensively with other governmental, military, business, educational, religious, and especially many nonprofit, public-interest organizations worldwide.