LOEX of the West 2006

Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii

Kohala (Kona) Coast of Hawaii's Big Island
June 8-10, 2006

Notes for Facilitators

1. Get to the program room at least 15 minutes in advance of the program. Introduce yourself to the speaker(s). Tell them you will be introducing them. Find out how you pronounce their names.

2. Ask the speaker(s) what time they plan to allot for q & a, whether they have divided up time between themselves and, if so, do they need help keeping on track.

3. Before introducing the speaker, ask the audience to turn off their cell phones, pages, and any other electronic beeping devices.

4. Before the presentation, check to make sure that the speaker's face is not blocked by any equipment, so that he or she can be clearly seen by the audience.

5. You will be provided with a Program Introduction sheet. The sheet will include a description of the program and biographical information about the speaker. Read this to the audience before the program. Present the
speaker(s) with a lei.

6. 45 minutes is a short time for getting folks settled, hearing a presentation and having q & a. Make sure the program starts on time. Do not wait for latecomers. The facilitator can move to the door after introductions in order to distribute handouts and program evaluations to latecomers and help minimize disruption.

7. Ask the speakers not to prompt folks for questions at the end of the session. They should finish and then let the facilitator thank them, so that the audience has a chance to express their appreciation. At that
point Q&A can begin. (This way the folks who always leave during Q&A will have a chance to applaud the speakers before they go.)

8. It is usually best not to turn off all the lights in a room, and to make sure that the speaker is not invisible in a darkened room.

9. At the conclusion of the program, thank the speaker(s).

10. Remind the audience to complete and submit their program evaluations. After collecting the completed evaluations, enclose them in the appropriate marked envelope (these will be supplied to you) and drop them
off in the program evaluation box in each room.