The Losey Lab: Recent Publications

UV-Related Publications:

Losey, G. S. Crypsis and communication functions of UV-visible coloration in two coral reef damselfish, Dascyllus aruanus and D. reticulatus.. Animal Behavior: In revision

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Losey, G. S., P. A. Nelson and J. P. Zamzow. 2000. Ontogeny of spectral transmission in the eye of the tropical damselfish, Dascyllus albisella (Pomacentridae), and possible effects on UV vision. Environmental Biology of Fishes 59: 21-28

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Marshall, N. J., Losey G. S., and K. Jennings. The ultraviolet world of Hawaiian fishes III: Colors. Copeia: In review.

Marshall, N. J., McFarland, W. N., Losey, G. S., and Loew, E. R. The ultraviolet world of Hawaiian fishes IV: the Umwelt. Copeia: In review.


Other Recent Lab Member Publications:

Losey, G., Ross, D. & Higa, J. (2001) Estimating behavioral transition rates: problems and solutions. Ethology 107: 89-110.

Lu, Y., Q. Yu, J. P. Zamzow, Y. Wang, G. S. Losey, G. H. Balazs, V. R. Nerurkar, and R. Yanagihara. 2000. Detection of green turtle herpesviral sequence in saddleback wrasse (Thalassoma duperrey): possible mode of transmission of green turtle fibropapilloma. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 12:58-63.

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Zamzow, J. P. Cleaning symbioses between Hawaiian reef fishes and green sea turtles, Chelonia mydas, with and without fibropapillomas.Copeia: In revision