The Losey Lab: Members

Jill P. Zamzow, Ph. D.


My personal project within the scope of the Losey lab (When I'm not designing or uploading this website!) is the investigation of sunscreening compounds in fish mucus (OK, yes, you may call me "Slime girl"). I've found that most species of tropical reef fish (174 species surveyed and counting) have strong absorbing compounds in their mucus, comparable to off-the-shelf sunscreens for humans. I'm trying to determine any patterns in the distribution of these different absorbing compounds that might relate to the fishes diet, micro- or macro-habitat, taxonomic grouping, etc. I've also been using a Hawaiian wrasse as a model organism to investigate the ability of fish to manipulate their own "mucus sunscreen" in response to diet or ultraviolet environment. Please see our coping with UV page for more details.

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