Creating a Mask


Create a mask or costume based on your depicted animal image. Research another cultural context and use the forms of that culture or transfer these animal attributes into a wearable form in your own personal contemporary context.

To make the armature or support for a mask follow these steps:

a. create a half-sphere or egg-shaped form of newspaper and masking tape and cover with plastic;

b. cover with clay about an inch and a half thick;


c. model (add and subtract) the clay trying to achieve both low and high relief volumes;

d. cover clay form with plastic wrap or thin laundry bag to make a mold release;

e. tear brown bags into strips and dip into thinned Elmer's glue;


f. cover the clay form with overlapping strips and smooth down;


g. repeat three more times alternating strip direction each time;


h. let armature dry for two days and remove from mold&endash;eye holes and edges may be cut and holes for straps and appendages may be added; and


i. paint, using acrylic paints, or cover with colored paper or fabric&endash;the color and texture should convey your cultural context.

Completed Masks