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Sure, That's It.mp3


Sure, That's It

for John Garfield

Sure, sure that's it
you had it all figured out
you knew if I went to the club that night
I'd see Rico's car in the lot
and know he didn't leave town
like he said
he'd be at the bar
with his new babe, Brenda
I'd go in there to talk to him
about Murphy
you knew the cops took my gun
over the Shelton thing downtown
sure, that's it, you figured
I'd barge in anyway
and Brenda would be a witness
you knew Rico was scared
a real sweet set-up
wasn't it, sister
Rico would plug me
and Brenda would tell it to the cops
unarmed, see
and Rico would take the fall
real cute
with me and Rico out of the way
it would be clear sailing
how else could you get your hands on the Four Aces
so you're the one who sent me that note
to get me there
who else knew I'd be in San Pedro that day
real cute
just like you set up Shelton
you knew he's always at the fights on Thursday
he'd leave his shiny Packard
on Spring Street like always
he always gave some street kid four bits
to look after it for him
so you gave the kid a sawbuck
so he wouldn't look too hard
sure, that's it
you had the time to plant my hotel key
in the back seat
you knew after the scuffle in the Olympic
the cops would get around to me in time
and take my gun
you hired that chump to act drunk
maybe he was drunk
and insult Shelton's babe
grab at her and call her something
Shelton would go nuts
and the cops would be all over the place
so when I got that note in Fermin Park
that Rico might be at the Four Aces
you knew I'd go
real cute
but you didn't figure everything, sister
you knew Murphy saved my life in France
and there wasn't anything I wouldn't do
to square things for him
you counted on that
I don't always see eye to eye
with cops but Murphy was a good cop
and the way he died was wrong
and you knew I had to fix it
sure, that's it
you take something good and sometimes
you try to keep it good
they were saying Murphy went bad
and that I was part of it
but they were wrong
and so were you, sister
it's you who makes everything twisted and dirty
you knew plenty
but there's one thing you couldn't know
Murphy's wife, Jeannie
gave me his Silver Star and his .38 special
she said to me do something
so when Rico went for his Luger at the Aces
I drilled him
he's not dead
he's spilling his guts to the DA
and Brenda's talking too
so she was a good witness after all
but not the way you had it figured
was it, sweetheart
I can see how Shelton fell so hard
Shelton had a lot of dough but he was no chump
a woman like you
sure, that's it
guys think a woman like you is worth anything
Shelton thought that, and Rico
maybe I think that too

–Tony Quagliano