Seed Bank User's Guide

After 15 years of research into the storage characteristics of native Hawaiian seeds and through collaboration with multiple partners, the Lyon Arboretum Seed Conservation Laboratory (SCL) has begun to compile preliminary results into a single spreadsheet. Intended for conservationists who rely on the services of the SCL, as well as for organizations performing their own Hawaiian seed storage, the Seed Bank User's Guide can assist in all stages of restoration planning, from making collections, timing restoration activities, and estimating recollection intervals. Although initial results have not been exhaustively replicated, some clear trends are emerging for many Hawaiian taxa, and it is hoped that by summarizing and compiling storage research data into one easy to read document, the ability of conservationists to make informed decisions will be increased.


Please take the time to read through the Seed Bank Users Guide.doc Word document. This is an explanatory document that provides background information on the SCL's research, references, and keys to interpreting the data in the spreadsheet. Please check back as the most recent version of the spreadsheet will be posted here when additional data becomes available and as storage research continues. For questions, comments, additional information or to provide feedback, please email Timothy I. Kroessig at


Thank you for your interest in conserving native Hawaiian plants!!



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