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July 2001, Vol. 26 No. 2
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cover of June 2001 issue with computer character illustration


A Winning Campaign 8

The Campaign for Hawai‘i—UH’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign—comes to a successful close after raising more than $1 million for scholarships and other initiatives.

A Taste for Technology 9

UH Community Colleges launch the Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training to provide tailored training that meets clients’ needs.

Art Goes Digital 10

Classic art training incorporates high technology to prepare UH students for jobs in computer animation and other new media, such as the pioneering animated film Final Fantasy.

We Are What We Wear 12

A Manoa professor chronicles the history of aloha wear, including the evolution of the aloha shirt, while UH graduates create the clothing designs that fashion our future.

Small Program, Big Impact 16

Alumni from the UH Manoa dance program influence dance around the world as dancers, teachers and choreographers.

Battling the Invasion of Alien Ants 18

Armed with chopsticks and peanut butter, a UH graduate student leads Big Island high schoolers in a trap-and-identify program that infuses science education with hands-on lessons in environmental awareness.

More than a Green Thumb 19

Like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed, a talented and dedicated UH research associate is repopulating the Big Island of Hawai‘i with silverswords and other native plants.