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Feb. 2004, Vol. 29 No. 1
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Published February 2004

Where in the World are UH Faculty?

From east to west and pole to pole

Click a region to view a sampling of recent faculty endeavors.


South Asia

Afghanistan-Pakistan border Leeward Community College historian Abdul-Karim Kahn explores the resurgence of Al-Quaida and Taliban forces in tribal areas.

India Manoa Geologist John Mahoney searches for the major feeder dike swarms of the Deccan flood basalt.

Central Asia

Krasnoyarsk, Russia Barbara Dougherty, Manoa professor of education, is creating an elementary mathematics curriculum based on Russian research.

Siberia Manoa pediatrician Ric Yanagihara tracks hantaviruses in the Korean field mouse.

scientist Peter Mouginis-Mark

Peter Mouginis-Mark in Bali

Bion Griffin on an elephant

Bion Griffin in Thailand

Bion Griffin on an elephant

Judy Van Zile in Korea

Mongolia Manoa computer scientist Dennis Streveler consults on the use of information technology to improve healthcare delivery.

Southeast Asia

Bali Manoa planetary scientist Peter Mouginis-Mark’s recent research has taken him to Batur volcano in Bali.

Indonesia Kirstin Pauka, Manoa, immersed herself in martial arts and Randai theater of the Minangkabau ethnic group of West Sumatra.

Myanmar David Wong, Asian studies professor at Honolulu, examines incomplete murals for clues to the Mongol invasion.

Thailand Manoa anthropologist Bion Griffin trained as mahout (elephant driver) to conduct ethnographic research on elephant use in Cambodia.

Thailand Manoa geographer Lyndon Wester’s visits to Buddhist monks in forest reserves reveal a link between spiritual renewal and forest restoration.

Cambodia Windward Community College botanist Ingelia White documents edible and medicinal orchids and other plants.

Vietnam Director David Hiple, Manoa’s Second Language Teaching and Curriculum Center, studies language instruction.

East Asia

Shanghai Manoa philosopher Graham Parkes is documenting the role of rock in the classical Chinese scholar’s garden.

Taiwan Robert Cheng, Manoa, is revamping the Guoyu Cidian, the 10-volume standard reference on Chinese language.

Okinawa Manoa scientists Robert Kinzie and Kenneth Kaneshiro conduct reef and land ecology projects.

Korea Manoa Professor Judy Van Zile researches Korean dance and dance-drama in Korea and Hawai'i.

Tokyo Jean Ippolito, Hilo art professor, examines Japanese artists’ use of computer technology in the creative process.


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