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Feb. 2004, Vol. 29 No. 1
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Published February 2004

Where in the World are UH Faculty?

From east to west and pole to pole

Click a region to view a sampling of recent faculty endeavors.

Keola Donaghy

Keola Donaghy in Ireland

Kathryn Hoffman

Kathryn Hoffman in Europe


Ireland Hilo’s Keola Donaghy examined the state of the Irish language and efforts to perpetuate it.

St. Petersburg Ruth Dawson, professor of women’s studies at Manoa, conducted research on Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great at the State Hemitage Museum and Russian National Library.

Moscow Manoa historian Louise McReynolds researched murder in late imperial Russia.

France, Belgium and Austria Kathryn Hoffman, Manoa French professor, scoured 18th- and 19th-century museums to document historical imagery of the human body.

Hungary Leeward oceanographer Tony Russo studies freshwater plants and seaweeds.

Croatia Oceanographer Pierre Flament uses high-frequency radar to map ocean currents and tides in the Adriatic Sea; Manoa colleague Philip Moravcik does similar work in Italy.

Italy Professor of Law Denise Antolini is examining international environmental law.


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