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Feb. 2004, Vol. 29 No. 1
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Published February 2004

Where in the World are UH Faculty?

From east to west and pole to pole

Click a region to view a sampling of recent faculty endeavors.

The Pacific

Rapa Nui Manoa anthropologist Terry Hunt studies settlement, ecological and human impact on Easter Island.

Manoa oceanographer Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke in Tahiti

Tahiti Manoa oceanographer Tony Clarke examines clouds as nature’s atmospheric chemistry factories.

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands; Kiritimati (Christmas Island) Meteorologist Steven Businger and Manoa colleagues study thunderstorm over the Pacific Ocean via a lightning detection network.

Central Pacific, off New Zealand Manoa oceanographer Craig Smith studies seafloor communities and ecology on the ocean floor.

Northeast of Guam Gregory Moore, Manoa, uses seismic reflection and refraction to study the structure of the Mariana Island arc system.

Belau Jane Moulin, Manoa professor of ethnomusicology, documents Pacific music.

Tonga Manoa botanist Don Drake examines the recovery of the forest and flying foxes after Cyclone Waka.

Samoa Sea Grant Extension Agent Darren Okimoto is helping develop an aquaculture industry.

Solomon Islands Manoa botanist Will McClatchey explores cultural interactions with the environment and traditional healthcare methods and related studies.

Midway A Manoa oceanographic team explores the ways that the ocean affects climate.


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