Malamalama cover of dancer Sonja Sironen, Jan., 2008 Vol. 33 No. 1

Jan., 2008 Vol. 33 No. 1
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two women looking at a laptop in Sinclair Library, click for story
  • Ensuring Success

    Sinclair Library adopts a student-centered ambiance and expands services in one of the innovative ways UH campuses are helping students succeed at college. Read the story.
  • Ethnodance

    They’ve traveled different paths, but two graduate students share a passion for academic study and dance from different cultures. Read the story.

close up of a honey bee, click for story
  • The Buzz on Bees

    In their search for nectar, bees from Mānoa hives are teaching scientists that invertebrates aren’t so different from humans when it comes to learning. Read the story.
  • Living on Mars

    A Mānoa professor serves as chief scientist on a four-month Arctic expedition simulating a mission to the red planet. Read the story.
three kids looking in a garden, click for story
  • Education by Charter

    UH experts, including those involved with UH-based charter schools, are encouraged by the potential of a reform movement based on flexible governance and innovative curricula. Read the story.
  • Learning Language

    New approaches to second language instruction have students making greater progress than they do with traditional language textbooks. Read the story.
Harold Tanouye and his award winning anthurium, Tropic Sunrise, click for story Hilo pharmacy students, click for story