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June 19th, 2009  |  by  |  Published in Campus News

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The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Center on the Family offers two free publications to help community members facing tough economic times.

“We recognize the anxiety and difficulties that many are facing because of job loss and impending work furloughs,” says Sylvia Yuen, center director. “We want people to know that unemployment has an impact on more than the individual and that the family can withstand and emerge stronger during periods of financial stress.”

Managing Job Loss and Financial Stress is a personal and family guide. It offers concrete recommendations to minimize the negative impacts of financial strain and provides a budget-planning tool. Also included is a comprehensive list of community resources.

Raising Resilient Children During Tough Economic Times, a companion guide, describes how the economic distress of parents can affect their children. It outlines five strategies to help build resilience in youth and includes a list of references and resources for parents and teachers.

“It’s a good idea to share with children what is happening to the family financially, and what’s expected of them, at a level they can understand,” says Project Manager Ann Tom. The guide suggests age-appropriate ways of dealing with children in early childhood, middle childhood and adolescence.

Download the publications

To request printed copies, email the Center on the Family or call (808) 956-4132.

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