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Helping coral in peril

A recent outbreak of coral disease in Hawaiian waters concerns UH scientists.

video iconCoral in Peril

Category: Multimedia · Research News

King crabs invade Antarctic shelf

A large population of king crabs is consuming its neighbors and altering the habitat by digging in the soft sediments of the Antarctic shelf.

Category: Research News

Satoru Izutsu: Training doctors across cultures

Satoru Izutsu
BA in psychology ’50 Mānoa

Category: People

Study places species census at 8.7 million

Some 8.7 million species inhabit Earth, according to a new estimate by UH Mānoa geographer Camilo Mora and colleagues in Canada.

Category: Research News

Manoa microbots team places second in China

Electrical engineering graduate students Kelly Ishii and Wenqi Hu placed second to a Canadian team in Mānoa’s first foray into the Microrobotics Challenge.

Category: Campus News

Book examines water treatment methods

Solar pasteurization, solar distillation and natural riverbank filtration are low cost water treatment technologies evaluated in a new book co-edited by Chittaranjan Ray.

Category: Research News

Miss Hawaiʻi Lauren Cheape promotes fitness

Alumna and Miss Hawaiʻi 2011 Lauren Kealohilani Cheape will represent Hawaiʻi at the Miss America pageant.

Category: Sports

New hypothesis explains ocean acidification effect

Declining coral reef growth as a result of ocean acidification explained with new proton flux hypothesis by Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology Researcher Paul Jokiel.

Category: Research News

Aloha Betrayed explores Kuʻe petition

Most influential book of the decade honors awarded to Noenoe Silva’s Aloha Betrayed by the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association.

Category: Campus News

Distinguished Alumni Award nominees sought

The University of Hawaiʻi Alumni Association is accepting nominations for the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

Category: UHAA News

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