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Nine new courses are being designed for the new BS in Marine Biology
BIOL 298 Communicating in Biological Sciences (3 credits)
Combined lecture-lab sessions impart essential knowledge and skills in technical writing, poster design, and oral presentations for successful, effective communication for life science majors. Research papers, lab reports, project proposals, conference presentations are covered. Open to majors in biology, marine biology, botany, microbiology, zoology, bio-systems, animal science and related. PRE: 171, 171L, 172, 172L; ENG 100.

BIOL 397 Biology of Marine Reptiles (3 credits)
Covers an advanced overview of marine reptiles, including sea snakes, marine iguanas, salt water crocodiles and sea turtles, with an emphasis on the latter. Aspect of their biology, ecology, behavior, conservation and management, and cultural significance, particularly in the Pacific region. Optional field trips. PRE: 265, 265L or consent.

BIOL 398 Marine Mammal Biology (3 credits)
Students will be exposed to an overview of the marine mammal science field and gain both a local and global perspective on marine mammal adaptations necessary for an aquatic existence.  Marine mammal significance and role within the marine ecosystem will be covered.  Students will discuss marine conservation issues, means for testing and assessing environmental impacts and practical steps for knowledge application.  Students will learn literature search techniques, data analysis skills and basic statistical applications through the group project component. Current research topics and interest areas in marine mammal science will also be covered. Pre: BIOL 171/L & 172/L or Consent

MICR 401 & 401L Marine Microbiology & Lab (3/1 credits)
This course is designed to introduce students to the evolution, ecology,
biochemistry, genetics and physiology of marine bacteria by examining
defined systems and organisms. Pre: BIOL 265/L, 275/L, 301/L & OCN 201 or Consent.  Restricted to BS Marine Biology Majors.

BIOL 403 Field Problems in Marine Biology (4 credits) (Summer Only)
This intensive, 5-week course will be conducted at the Hawaii Institute of
Marine Biology at Coconut Island (Kaneohe Bay, Oahu) for the first time in
May 2004. It will , provide an integrated program of intensive lectures,
laboratory experiments, and field surveys. The program will focus on the
biological and physical processes that shape the lives of the marine organisms. Pre: BIOL 265/L, 275/L, 301/L & OCN 201 or Consent

BIOL 404 Advanced Topics in Marine Biology (3 credits)
This course is designed to expose seniors to current themes in marine
biology as well as to provide them with experience in scientific
assessment. Previous course work, laboratory, and research experiences will
be incorporated into the lecture sessions. Pre: BIOL 265/L, 275/L, 301/L & OCN 201: or MICR 351/L or consent.

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