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aerial view of Coconut Island (HIMB) in Kaneohe Bay Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology
The Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology’s (HIMB) Coconut Island Laboratory is located in Kaneohe Bay, about 25 minutes from the Manoa campus. In addition to analytical equipment for environmental and behavioral studies, the lab has several enclosed seawater ponds and penned holding facilities, and tanks and aquaria with running seawater. Its location and a fleet of small boats provide easy access to a variety of shallow water habitats in Kaneohe Bay; two larger boats also are available.
Pacific Biomedical Research Center
The Pacific Biomedical Research Center (PBRC) includes three units with strong ties to the Zoology graduate program. In addition, its electron microscopy facility is available for use by Zoology faculty and students.
Kewalo Lab Kewalo Marine Laboratory
The Kewalo Marine Laboratory, located on the Honolulu waterfront, focuses on study of bio-molecular interactions in the coastal environment, particularly in relation to the developmental biology of marine organisms. Facilities include an excellent sea water system and instrumentation for organismic, cellular, molecular and biochemical studies, as well as easy access to a diversity of marine environments.
Bekesy Lab Békésy Laboratory of Neurobiology
The Békésy Laboratory is the University’s focal point for research in neurobiology. Its facilities include laboratories well equipped for neurobiological as well as biochemical and molecular biological work, and support facilities such as darkrooms, electronics, machine, and carpentry shops, and extensive computing facilities.
Bishop Hall, Bishop Museum Bishop Museum
The Bernice P. Bishop Museum is the state museum of Hawai‘i. It has major collections of animals and plants from Hawai‘i and throughout the Pacific, as well as active research programs in a variety of fields. These facilities are available to Zoology faculty and students.

Dolphin Quest Oahu
Dolphin Quest Oahu is an interactive public display facility that houses Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.  Dolphin Quest Oahu serves as a site for studies of Marine Mammal Biology

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