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Marine Biology Seminar Series

Fall 2013

Fridays at 3:30pm in BioMed B103


13th: Jennifer Salerno, Zoology Graduate Student (Dissertation Defense), UH Manoa

Diversity, distribution, and dynamics of coral reef bacterial communities across the Hawaiian archipelago and wider Pacific

27th: Laura Airoldi, Department of Biological, Geology, and Environmental Sciences, Università di Bologna, Italy

Anthropogenic marine ecosystems: preserving native biodiversity in increasingly urbanised seascapes


18th: Rosie Alegado, Oceanography Assistant Professor, UH Manoa

Choanoflagellate-bacterial interactions as a window into animal origins

25th: Mike Hadfield, Professor Dept of Biology, PBRC, UH Manoa

Why marine invertebrate larvae settle where they do: the importance of bacteria


1st: Carl Meyer, Assistant Researcher, HIMB, UH Manoa

Shark Tech: Tracking Hidden Hunters of the Deep

8: TBD

15th: Mike Hart, Simon Fraser University


22nd: Jill Zamzow, Senior Reef Fish Researcher, Coral Reef Ecosystem Division, NOAA


29: Thanksgiving

No Seminar


6th: Alan Kohn, University of Washington


13th: Lindsay Young, Wildlife Biologist, Pacific Rim Conservation

Adaptive value of same sex pairing in Laysan Albatross

Spring 2013

Fridays at 3:30pm in BioMed T208


1st: Dr. Jo-Ann Leong and Dr. Timothy Tricas, UH Manoa Marine Biology Graduate Program

Marine Biology Graduate Studies at UH Manoa: Welcome to a new experiment in progress

8th: Raphael Ritson-Williams, MS, Biology PhD Student (Carlon Lab), UH Manoa

Patterns and Processes Driving Coral Recruitment

15th: Dr. Erik Conklin, Director of Marine Science, The Nature Conservancy of Hawai'i

Science-based marine conservation in Hawai‘i

22nd: Dr. Brian Nedved, PBRC Post-Doc (Hadfield Lab), UH Manoa

Regulation of metamorphosis in the serpulid polychaete Hydroides elegans: not what we thought


1st: Dr. Robert Richmond, Professor, PBRC, UH Manoa

Dr. Dolittle meet CSI on a Coral Reef

8th: Dr. Richard Pyle, Bishop Museum

Deep Diving, New Species Discovery, and the Greatest Library on Earth

15th: No Seminar, Faculty Meeting

22nd: No Seminar

29th: Spring Break


5th: Dr. Laura Grange, Assistant Professor, Oceanography, UH Manoa

Polar Marine Benthos: Benthic Systems as Models to Investigate Marine Ecological Theory Against a Backdrop of Changing Environmental Conditions

12th: Dr. Mark Hixon, Hsiao Chair of Marine Biology, Biology, UH Manoa

Invasion of Atlantic Coral Reefs by Pacific Lionfish

19th: Tester Symposium - No Seminar

26th: Dr. Tom Oliver, Assistant Researcher, HIMB, UH Manoa

Of Urchins and Octopuses: From Comparative Genomics to Community-Based Management


3rd: Dr. Jeff Drazen, Oceanography, UH Manoa

Vertical connectivity in deep-sea food webs

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