Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Two-way communication between student and instructor is very important.

Don't hesitate to contact your teacher whenever you need clarification of an assignment or just want to discuss the course. Remember that instructors like being asked questions and that willingness to ask is one of the characteristics of a successful student. The following are several means of communicating with your instructor:

  • Office hours: Your instructor's office hours are in the class syllabus. During this time, he or she is available to meet with you in person or consult with you on the phone. Most instructors can also meet with you at other times by appointment.
  • Telephone or Voice Mail: Your instructor's phone number is in the class syllabus. When you call an instructor, he or she may not be available. You can leave a message on the instructor's 24-hour voice mail. When leaving a message, speak slowly and clearly. Remember to leave the following information:
           1. your full name
           2. the course that you are taking
           3. the subject area that you are inquiring about
           4. a phone number where you can be reached (say it twice)
           5. the best time to reach you at that number
  • E-mail: Electronic mail plays an important part in more and more distance learning courses. For Internet courses, it is usually the main form of communication between you, your instructor, and your fellow students.
  • Fax: In some Skybridge and HITS classes, you may be asked to fax questions or assignments to the instructor. Fax machines are located in the MCC Media Center and in the Molokai, Lanai, and Hana education centers.
  • Course Evaluations You and your classmates will be asked to fill out course evaluations at the end of the semester. Please do this thoughtfully and
    constructively. Your opinions will be used to improve the course.

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