Getting Started

1.Obtain the following:

2.After you have selected your class:

    Meet with a counselor. This is very important. A counselor can tell you if the distance learning class will fulfill a degree requirement and if you have
    met all the prerequisites for the class.

      Molokai, Lanai, and Hana students, contact your Site Coordinator
      MCC Kahului students, call the counseling office 984-3306
      UH-system students, call Colleen Shishido at the University Center 984-3526
      Manoa Outreach College 984-3444 or 984-3597

    If you require special accommodations for a disability, you should also meet with the person or office providing Services to Students with Disabilities before the semester starts.

      Molokai, Lanai, and Hana students, contact your Site Coordinator
      Kahului MCC students, call Michele Katsutani 984-3325
      UH-system students, call the University Center 984-3525
      Manoa Outreach College students, call KOKUA Program 808-956-7511

    Talk to or e-mail your instructor. Ask questions about the class, make sure you have the required skills and, most importantly, start getting acquainted with your teacher.

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