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            1. To develop interviewing skills, and reduce uncertainty.

            2. To prepare and organize an introduction.

            3. To observe how others introduce one another using technology.

            4. To learn about our classmates.

            5. To create a visual aid.

            6. To Have Fun!

Instructions: Everyone in class will have an interview partner. You will interview your partner and prepare, organize, and deliver a speech, 2 minutes in length, introducing your partner. The goal is to introduce your classmate to our class. To help us better understand our classmate you may include a visual representation of your partner by using a visual aid in your speech.

Gathering the Information: An Interview You have been given bio-sheets to fill out and bring back to class. First you will exchange bio-sheets with a classmate/interview partner that I will designate. Then you will take the bio-sheet home and develop an interview schedule. You may use some of the information from the bio-sheet to develop a list of questions (an interview schedule like the sample on the reverse side of this handout) to interview a classmate in order to reduce uncertainty, and to become familiar with the interviewing process.

You will interview your classmate and be interviewed by your classmate in the next class and introduce each other on another day. The purpose of the interview is to find out unique and interesting information about that individual so that you can introduce him or her to the class. Your partner will interview you for the same purpose. Since you will be introducing each other to the class, finding out about your partner's hometown, major field of study, hobbies and interests, and similar kinds of information will be important. In addition, you will want to find out something valuable, important, or unique about that individual. Your goal is to go beyond a list of information and provide a unique and interesting description of your classmate. Your interview schedule will include an opening, a body with at least 10 open questions, and a closing. You will record the information (field notes) gathered from your interview with your classmate and develop an outline based on the information you would like to share with our class about the person you interviewed. You will then share the information with our class in the form of a brief but memorable presentation on another day. You may also include a Visual Aid in your introduction (extra credit). This could be a drawing, painting, collage, and/or some form of visual representation of the person you will be introducing.

Sample Interview Schedule and Template There is a sample interview schedule on the back of this objectives sheet. You can also find a template that you can use for this assignment at a predetermined web site–If you email me from your email account that you will be using this semester I will email you back with the URL where the template is available. There is a template in Microsoft Word that you can access and use as a template for your own interview schedule. This will save you some time and all you have to do is fill in your own information and questions.

Organizing the Information After the interviews are complete, organize your information from the particulars (name, major, hometown, etc.) to the general description of something unique, special, or important about the individual you are introducing. Remember to include that person's name in your opening and closing remarks. You will receive a handout to help you outline your introduction of your partner. You will be presenting from an outline of your information. You will not write out everything you will say during your speech.

Visual Aid The visual aid you use is dependant on your creativity and how much fun you want to have with this. You can use a drawing, a collage, a painting, a pastel, an object, or anything that you feel will visually represent the person you are introducing. You don’t have to be an artist–a well dressed stick figure may work. This is extra credit (5 pts.)

Delivering the Speeches of Introduction As you practice your delivery, remember that you are asking your classmates to greet or welcome the uniqueness of your partner. You want your classmates to remember his or her name and something particular and /or unique about that individual--So your tone of voice, your energy and your enthusiasm must suggest these qualities. An enthusiastic introduction will evoke an enthusiastic reception, of your partner, with your audience. Your enthusiasm builds ours. So build our enthusiasm for our classmate by being energetic, lively and enthusiastic with your delivery. Have fun!!

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