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Preparing A Manuscript

The Manuscript:
The Manuscript is to be Typed, Large Font (20pt.+), double and triple spaced; no widows or orphans on the page.  You could Bold or highlight the first word in each sentence to make it easy to pick up the start of each sentence.  You could start all sentences on the left margin so you don't have to fish around in the interior of the page to find the start of the next sentence.  You could also use page tabs for each page to make the page easier to turn/slide over (I will show you examples in class). Your goal is to develop a manuscript that is easy to use when delivering the speech.  The due dates are on your schedule.  

Here are some examples of Manuscript techniques you can
   use for your manuscript.

You can start each sentence with the first word bolded and
   on the left margin.

You can use a larger first letter for each sentence so that
   you can quickly pick out the begining of each sentence.

You can also bold and/or italicize words that you want to

You want to develop a manuscript that is easy to use. You can use the top two thirds of an 8.5 x 11inch sheet of paper so as to keep your eyes from having to look down to the bottom of the page. Make sure you have no widows or orphans on your pages. Use smaller margins (longer lines for each sentence-one sentence per line would be ideal, but hard to do with larger font). Do NOT use cards.

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