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First edition chapters are in light colors. New second and third edition chapters are in darker colors.

Chapters are designated as MS3, MS4, and R as follows:
MS3 - These are chapters designated as the curriculum content for the third year medical student pediatrics clerkship.
MS4 - These chapters contain additional information that should be acquired by fourth year medical students destined for pediatrics residency.
R - These chapters contain information that should be acquired by pediatric residents during their pediatrics residency.

I. Office Primary Care: Section Editor - Vince K. Yamashiroya, MD
1. Pediatric Primary Care (MS4) - Jessica R. Shiosaki & Vinson K. Diep, MD
2. Growth Monitoring (MS3) - Amanda Chau
3. Developmental Screening of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers (MS3) - Kerri K. Niino & Jeffrey K. Okamoto, MD
4. Immunizations (MS3) - Dennis A. Conrad, MD
5. Hearing Screening (R) - Yusnita Weirather, AuD, CCC-A & Lynn M. Iwamoto, MD
6. Anticipatory Guidance (R) - Gretchen Kissel Foskett, MD
7. Pre-Participation Sports Physicals (MS4) - Jennifer R. King, DO
8. Disabilities and Physician Interactions with Schools (R) - Kerri K. Niino & Jeffrey K. Okamoto, MD
9. Pediatric Dental Basics (MS4) - Cindy W. Yang
10. Tobacco and Nicotine Smoking Prevention and Treatment (MS4) - Marissa C. Inouye, MS & Bryan D. Mih, MD, MPH

II. Nutrition:
Section Editors - Sheree Kuo, MD and Kyra A. Len, MD
1. Nutrition Overview (MS4) - Caron M. Hong
2. Breast Feeding (MS3) - Barbora Kadecka, MD & Vanessa M.P. Freitas
3. Infant Formulas (MS4) - Nadine Tenn Salle, MD
4. Fluids and Electrolytes (MS3) - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
5. Prenteral Nutrition (R) (new chapter pending) - Corilee Watters, RD, PhD, CNSC
6. Failure to Thrive (MS3) - Anthony P. S. guerrero, MD
7. Malnutrition and Vitamin Deficiencies (MS3) - Adeline Winkes, MD
8. Obesity (MS4) (new chapter pending) - Gina M. French, MD

III. Neonatology:
Section Editor - Kara N. Wong Ramsey, MD
1. Routine Newborn Care (MS4) - Joan Ceccarelli Meister, MD
2. Transitional Changes in the Newborn (MS3) (new chapter pending) - Joan Ceccarelli Meister, MD
3. Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia (MS3) - Carol Hirai, MD
4. Newborn Resuscitation (MS4) - Sheree Kuo, MD
5. High Risk Pregnancy (MS4) - Riley M. Wada & Dena R. Towner, MD
6. Common Problems of the Premature Infant (MS4) - Venkataraman Balaraman, MBBS
7. Respiratory Distress in the Newborn (MS3) - Lauren R. Mooney & Daniel T. Murai, MD
8. Cyanosis in Newborns (MS3) - Kenneth Ash, MD
9. Neonatal Hypoglycemia (MS3) - Arlene P. Kiyohara, MD, Rylie M. Wada, & Emmanuel R. Kling, MD
10. Infants of Diabetic Mothers (MS3) - Rylie M. Wada & Kara Wong-Ramsey, MD
11. Neonatal Seizures (R) - Richard Ho
12. Neonatal Sepsis (MS3) - Sherry W.H. Loo, MD
13. Congenital and Perinatal Infections (MS3) - Sheree Kuo, MD
14. Necrotizing Enterocolitis (R) - Erika K. Ryckman
15. Neonatal Drug Withdrawl (R) (new chapter pending) - Peter D. Eversen, MD

IV. Genetics and Dysmorphology:
Section Editor - Leah Dowsett, MD
1. Basic Genetic Principles (MS4) - Kirsty M. McWalter, MS, CGC
2. Genetic Testing Techniques (MS4) - Thomas P. Slavin, Jr., MD
3. Prenatal Genetic Screening and Diagnosis (MS4) - Greigh I. Hirata, MD
4. Teratogens (MS4) - Jennifer H. Boomsma, MS, CGC
5. Common Chromosome Disorders (MS3) - Julie Won Ireland, MD
6. Common Syndromes (R) - Sansan Lee, MS, CGC
7. Common Congenital Anomalies (MS4) - Lianne E. Hasegawa, MS, CGC
8. Inherited Connective Tissue Disorders (MS4) - Allison C. Tam, MD
9. Inborn Errors of Metabolism (MS3) - Laurie H. Seaver, MD

V. Allergy and Immunology:
Section Editor - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
1. Common Allergies and Allergy Management (R) - Akaluck Thatayatikom, MD
2. Anaphylaxis and Other Acute Allergic Reactions (MS4) - Brandon O. Takase, MD & Jessica S. Kosut, MD
3. Food Allergies (R) - Akaluck Thatayatikom, MD
4. Corticosteroids (MS4) - M. Scott Hickman, MD
5. Immune Deficiency (MS3) - Akaluck Thatayatikom, MD

VI. Infectious Disease:
Section Editors - Rodolfo Begue, MD and Jennifer Di Rocco, DO
1. Virology (R) - Mary Rose Nino
2. Bacteriology (MS4) - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
3. Fever (MS4) - Marian E. Melish, MD
4. Inhibitory and Bactericidal Principles (MIC & MBC) (MS4) - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
5. Antibiotics (MS4) - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
6. Otitis Media and Otitis Externa (MS3) - Amanda Chau & Vince K. Yamashiroya, MD
7. Sinusitis (MS4) - Kathleen Morimoto, MD
8. Mastoiditis (MS4) - Kathleen Morimoto, MD
9. Oral and Upper Respiratory Infections (MS4) - Aaron C. Hoo, MD
10. Pertussis (MS3) - Jason C. Seto
11. Pneumonia (MS4) - Kimberly N. Otsuka, MD
12. Croup, Epiglottitis, Tracheitis, Retropharyngeal Abscess (MS4) - Paul J. Eakin, MD
13. Cellulitis (MS4) - James C. Lin, MD
14. Necrotizing Fasciitis (MS4) - Michelle V. Stafford
15. Meningitis (MS3) - Glelynn P. Casil
16. Encephalitis (R) - Jonathan K. Marr, MD
17. Sepsis (MS4) - Guliz Erdem, MD
18. Kawasaki Disease (MS3) - Kara S. Yamamoto, MD & Marian E. Melish, MD
19. Staphylococcal and Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndromes (MS3) - Judy Makowski Vincent, MD
20. Tuberculosis (MS4) - Wallace J. Matthews, Jr., MD
21. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections (MS4) - Guliz Erdem, MD & Cecilia Shikuma, MD
22. Common Viral Exanthems (MS4) - Kalamaoka'aina Kil Soon Niheu, MD
23. Epstein-Barr Virus Infections (MS4) - Erica Y. Shin
24. Herpes Infections (MS4) (new chapter pending) - Kellie Kitamura
25. Polio (MS4) - Arlene P. Kiyohara, MD & Rodolfo Begue, MD
26. Rabies (MS3) - Kornkanok Saringkarisate, MD, MPH
27. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (MS3) - Jason C. Seto
28. Lyme Disease (MS3) - Jennifer W. Sasaki, MD
29. Leptospirosis (R) - Selena Chen, MD, MPH
30. Cat Scratch Disease (MS4) - Kendra E. Dilcher, MD
31. Malaria (MS4) - M. Scott Hickman
32. Parasites: Protozoans and Helminths (MS4) - Cali E. McAllister & Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
33. Candida and Fungal Infections (MS4) - Kelley A. Chinen Okimoto, MD
34. Lymphadenopathy and Lymphadenitis (MS4) - Teresa Bane-Terkakubo, MD
35. Hospital Infection Prevention (R) - Nicole M. Johnson, RN

VII. Cardiology:
Section Editor - Melissa Yamauchi, MD
1. Congestive Heart Failure (MS4) - Lance K. Shirai, MD
2. Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease (MS3) - Alyson A. Tamamoto, MD
3. Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease (MS3) - D. Venu Reddy, MD, MPH
4. Rheumatic Fever (MS3) (crosslisted in Rheumatology section) - David K. Kurahara, MD
5. Carditis (MS4) - Andras Bratincsak, MD, PhD
6. Arrhythmias and Electrocardiography (MS4) - Jordan D. Arakawa, MD & Andras Bratincsak, MD, PhD
7. Vascular Rings and Slings (R) - Colin Petko, MD
8. Syncope and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (R) - Andras Bratincsak, MD, PhD
9. Hypertension & Hyperlipidemia (new chapter pending) - S. Javed Zaidi, MD

VIII. Pulmonology:
Section Editors - Timothy Beaty, MD and Edward Fong, MD
1. Interpretation of Blood Gases and Pulse Oximetry (MS4) - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
2. Asthma (MS3) - Hannah M. Mettias
3. Cystic Fibrosis (MS3) - Wallace J. Matthews, Jr., MD
4. Chronic Lung Disease of Infancy (Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia) (MS4) - Mary Elaine Patrinos, MD
5. Bronchiectasis (MS4) - Charles W. Calahan, DO
5. Bronchiolitis (MS3) (new chapter pending) - Brian H. Wu, MD
6. Foreign Body Aspiration (MS3) - Edward W. Fong, MD
7. Pulmonary Hemosiderosis (R) - Scott J. Sheets, DO
8. Pulmonary Vascular Anomalies (R) - Jason H. Brown
9. Bronchogenic Cysts and Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation (R) - Scott J. Sheets, DO
10. Congenital Airway Problems (MS4) - Winona K. Lee, MD
11. Sleep Disorders (R) - Sze Mei Chung
12. Pulmonary Emboli (R) (new chapter pending) - Brian H. Wu, MD
13. Empyema and Effusions (new chapter pending) - Brian H. Wu, MD

IX. Gastroenterology:
Section Editor - Ashley Cowan, MD
1. Infant Colic (MS4) - Rodney B. Boychuk, MD
2. Abdominal Pain (MS4) - Walton K.T. Shim, MD
3. Gastroenteritis and Dehydration (MS4) - Sherloune Normil-Smith, MD
4. Biliary Atresia (R) - Nicholas J. Siu-Li
5. Hepatitis (MS4) - Luke R. Taylor
6. Gastroesophageal Reflux (MS3) - Ken Nagamori, MD
7. Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies, Magnets, and Esophageal Caustic Injury (MS4)> - Lu'ukia Ruidas, MD
8. Constipation and Encopresis (MS4) - Ken Nagamori, MD
9. Hirschsprung Disease (MS3) - Luke R. Taylor & Megan M. Doty, MD
10. GI Bleeding and Peptic Ulcer Disease (MS3) - Ken Nagamori, MD
11. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (R) - Mikayla L. Sonnleitner
12. Malabsorption Conditions (MS4) - Max Miranda
13. Meckel Diverticulum (MS4) - Gareth K. Nakasone
14. Pancreatic Disorders (R) (new chapter pending) - Leah Dowsett, MD
15. GI Allergy, Gluten Sensitivity Enteropathy (Celiac Sprue) (R) (new chapter pending) - Jeremy L. King, DO

X. Surgery:
Section Editor - Marissa Fakaosita, MD
1. Wound Management (MS4) - Jeffrey J. Wong, MD
2. Hernias and Hydrocoels (MS4) - Leticia P. Borja, MD
3. Appendicitis (MS3) - Ian K.H. Chun
4. Intussusception (MS3) - Lynette L. Young, MD
5. Malrotation and Midgut Volvulus (R) - Ian K.H. Chun & Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
6. Gastroschisis and Omphalocele (R) - Rodney B. Boychuk, MD
7. Diaphragmatic Hernia (MS4) - Rachel M. Gorenflo
8. Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis (MS3) - Kyra A. Len, MD
9. Intestinal Atresias, Duplications and Microcolon (R) - Timur M. Roytman
10. Craniofacial Malformations (R) - Robert L. Peterson, MD
11. Abscesses (MS4) - Myrna I. Kuo
12. Lymphangiomas (R) - John J. Chung
13. Pectus Excavatun and Pectus Carinatum (MS4) - Collin G.Z. Liang & Devin P. Puapong, MD
14. Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy (MS4) - Sameer Kejriwal
15. Acute Surgical Abdomen (chapter pending) - Johnson/Woo/Puapong

XI. Hematology:
Section Editors - Selena S.P. Chen, MD, MPH and Kelley Hutchins, DO
1. Anemia (MS3) - Tristan E. Knight, MD & Darryl W. Glaser, MD
2. Thalassemia (MS3) - Kelley A. WOodruff, MD
3. Sickle Cell Disease (MS3) - Kelley A. Woodruff, MD
4. Bone Marrow Failure (R) - Desiree Medeiros, MD
5. Newborn Hematology (MS4) - Robert W. Wilkinson, MD
6. Bleeding Disorders (MS3) - Desiree Medeiros, MD
7. Transfusion Medicine (MS4) - Kelley A. Woodruff, MD
8. Neutrophil Disorders (R) - Wade T. Kyono, MD
9. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Graft Versus Host Disease (R) - Jocelyn M. Sonson

XII. Oncology:
Section Editor - Wade Kyono, MD
1. Oncology Treatment Principles(MS4)Nu Lu
2. Leukemia (MS3) - Bruce T. Shiramizu, MD
3. Lymphoma (MS3) - Bruce T. Shiramizu, MD
4. Solid Tumor Childhood Malignancies (R) - Christina Keolanani Kleinschmidt
5. Tumor Lysis Syndrome (MS4) (new chapter pending) - Alan Ikeda, MD
6. Palliative Care (MS4) - Dianne Fochtman, RN, MN, CPNP, CPON

XIII. Nephrology/Urology:
Section Editor - Blair Limm-Chan, MD
1. Nephritic Syndrome, Glomerulonephritis, Hematuria (MS3) - Teresa Bane-Terakubo, MD
2. Nephrotic Syndrome, Proteinuria (MS3) - Paul J. Eakin, MD
3. Cystic Kidney Disease (MS4) - Anna-Kaelle K.J. Ramos & Rhiana L.A. Lau, MD
4. Dialysis (R) - Anna-Kaelle K.J. Ramos
5. Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (MS4) - Brooke K.A. Kawamura
6. Urinary Tract Infection (MS3) - Janet M. Berreman, MD
7. Hydronephrosis and Renal Anomalies (MS4) - Daniel M. Bender, MA & Robert G. Carlile, MD
8. Vesicoureteral Reflux and Urinary Tract Problems (MS4) - Daniel M. Bender, MA & Robert G. Carlile, MD
9. Circumcision (MS4) - Daniel M. Bender, MA & Robert G. Carlile, MD
10. Enuresis (MS4) - Daniel M. Bender, MA
11. Acute Scrotum (MS3) - Daniel M. Bender, MA & Robert G. Carlile, MD
12a. Ambiguous Genitalia (R) - Robert G. Carlile, MD
12b. Hypospadias (R) - Robert G. Carlile, MD
12. Genital Deformities: Hypospadias, Epispadias, Extrophy, Disorders of Sex Development (R) (new chapter pending) - Ronald S. Sutherland, MD
13. Urolithiasis (MS4) - Daniel M. Bender, MA
14. Renal Tubular Acidosis (R) - Amanda Y. Beaman
15. Acute Kidney Injury (R) - Chloe D. Delos Reyes

XIV. Critical Care and Emergency Medicine:
Section Editor - Prashant Purohit, MBBS
1. Pulmocardiac Resuscitation (MS4) - Rodney B. Boychuk & Alson S. Inaba, MD
2. Shock (MS3) - Rachel M. Gorenflo & Andrew K. Feng, MD
3. Respiratory Failure (MS3) - Paula A. Vanderford, MD
4. Intubation (R) - Paula A. Vanderford, MD
5. Mechanical Ventilation (MS4) - Paula A. Vanderford, MD
6. Drowning and Submersion Injuries (MS4) - Vanessa M.P. Freitas & Konstantine P. Xoinis, MD
7. Pneumothorax and Other Air Leaks (MS4) - Edward W. Fong, MD
8. Trauma (MS4) - Alson S. Inaba & Rodney B. Boychuk, MD
9. Toxicology (MS3) - Lynette L. Young, MD
10. Acetaminophen Overdose (MS3) - Emily R. Leibovitch & Philip A. Verhoef, MD, PhD
11. Iron Overdose (MS3) - Lynette L. Young, MD
10. Altered Mental Status (MS4) (new chapter pending) - Peter J. Di Rocco, MD
11. Envenomations, Bites, and Stings (MS3) - Mikayla L. Sonnleitner & James M. Kyle, DO
12. Child Abuse (MS3) - Cynthia H. Tinsley, MD
13. Apparent Life-Threatening Events and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (MS4) - Kristyn M. Nishimoto, MD
14. Thermal Injuries (MS3) - Annemarie Uliasz, MD
15. Hypertensive Emergencies (R) (new chapter pending) - Andrew K. Feng, MD
16. Sedation and Analgesia (R) - Paul J. Eakin, MD

XV. Endocrinology:
Section Editor - Rachel L. Palting, DO
1. Diabetes Mellitus (MS3) - Greg Y. Uramoto, MD
2. Diabetic Ketoacidosis (MS3) (new chapter pending) - Konstantine P. Xoinis, MD
3. Thyroid disorders (MS4) - Maya Y. Matsumoto
4. Short Stature (MS3) - Maureen M. Petersen, MD & Anita M. Pedersen, MD
5. Adrenal disorders (MS4) - Jose L. Gonzalez, MD, MSEd, JD
6. Anti-Diuretic Hormone (MS4) - Daniel C.H. Kidani, MD
7. Calcium Disorders (R) - David F. Crudo, MD
8. Disorders of Pubertal Development (MS3) (new chapter pending) - Meera S. Ramayya, MD

XVI. Rheumatology:
Section Editors - Kara Yamamoto, MD and David K. Kurahara, MD
1. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (MS3) - Kara S. Yamamoto, MD
2. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (MS3) - Kara S. Yamamoto, MD
3. Vasculitis (R) - Donald A. Person, MD
4. Anti-Phospholipd Syndromes (R) (new chapter pending) - David K. Kurahara, MD
5. Rheumatic Fever (MS3) (crosslisted in Cardiology section) - David K. Kurahara, MD

XVII. Ophthalmology:
Section Editor - Kyra A. Len, MD
1. Neonatal Conjunctivitis and Eye Prophylaxis (MS4) - Jaxon J. Huang & Sheree Kuo, MD
2. Primary Care Eye Examination (MS4) - Marcus H. Yamamoto
3. Strabismus and Amblyopia (R) - Julie K. Nishimura, MD
4. Conjunctivitis and Eyelid Infections (MS3) - Jaxon J. Huang & Peggy M. Liao, MD
5. Corneal Abrasion and Hyphema (MS4) - Mark B. Lindquist
6. Orbital Trauma (R) - Jaxon J. Huang & Bradford W. Lee, MD
7. Periorbital and Orbital Cellulitis (MS3) - Kevin R. Card

XVIII. Neurology:
Section Editors - Keith Abe, MD & Vince K. Yamashiroya, MD
1. Neurologic Examination (MS4) - Vince K. Yamashiroya, MD
2. Cerebral Palsy (MS4) - Maveric K.I.L. Abella
3. Febrile Seizures (MS3) - Vince K. Yamashiroya, MD
4. Epilepsy (MS3) - Keith K. Abe, MD
5. Status Epilepticus (MS3) - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
6. Infant Botulism (MS3) - Dylan S. Singh
7. Guillain-Barre Syndrome (MS3) - Judy T. Okimura, MD
8. Multiple Sclerosis (R) - Nicole M. Baca, MD & Roshan Raja, DO
9. Hydrocephalus (MS4) - Lauren M. Muraoka
10. Neural Tube Defects (R) - Mari Uehara, MD
11. Neurofibromatosis (MS3) - Vince K. Yamashiroya, MD
12. Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (MS3) - Vince K. Yamashiroya, MD
13. Head Trauma and Hemorrhage (MS4) - Floyd S. Ota, MD
14. Muscular Dystrophy (MS4) - Vince K. Yamashiroya, MD
15. Myopathy and Myositis (R) - Dominic C. Chow, MD, MPH
16. Developmental Brain Anomalies (R) - Harsha Chandnani, MD
17. Reye Syndrome (MS4) - Erica B.K. Wang
18. Brain Tumors (R) - Wade T. Kyono, MD
19. Arteriovenous Malformations (R) - Chia Sonia Granda
20. Neuropathy (R) (new chapter pending) - Asmaa Abu-Maziad, MBBCh
21. Headache and Migraine (MS4) - Katherine S. Labiner, MD
22. Anti-NMDAR Encephalitis (R) - Katherine S. Labiner, MD
23. Occlusive Stroke (R) - Kenneth A. Reeve, DO & Alan K. Ikeda, MD

XIX. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine:
Section Editors - Jennifer King, DO, Christopher Lynch, MD, and Rachel Coel, MD
1. Fractures (MS4) - Aneemarie Uliasz
2. Splinting (MS4) - Maveric K. Abella, Rachel A. Coel, MD, PhD, Christopher T. Lynch, MD
3. Scoliosis (MS4) - Robert C. Durkin, MD
4. Osteomyelitis (MS3) - Tyler J. Thorne, MD
5. Septic Arthritis (MS3) - Tyler J. Thorne & Rachel A. Coel, MD, PhD
6. Hip Conditions and Limp (MS3) - Robert C. Durkin, MD
7. Common Sprains and Dislocations (MS4) - Nathaniel C. Villanueva; Christopher L. Lynch, MD; Rachel A. Coel, MD, PhD
8. Sports Injuries (MS4) - Nathaniel C. Villanueva
9. Concussion Management and Return to Activity (MS4) (new chapter pending) - Bradley Kuske, DO
10. Back Pain (R) (new chapter pending) - David Toturgul, MD

XX. Adolescent Medicine:
Section Editor - Jenny Liu, MD
1. Puberty (MS3) - Anna-Kaelle K.J. Ramos
2. Anabolic Steroids (MS4) - Nathaniel C. Villanueva
3. Substance Abuse (MS4) - Jennifer A. Yokoyama
4. Suicide and Violence (MS4) - Anthony P.S. Guerrero, MD
5. Eating Disorders (MS4) - Robert J. Bidwell, MD
6. Adolescent Sexuality (MS4) - Robert J. Bidwell, MD
7. Gender Dysphoria (MS4) - Pia H. Francisco-Natanauan, MD
8. Adolescent Gynecology (MS3) - Renee L. Sato, MD
9. Sexually Transmitted Infections (MS3) - Reina M. Ahern, MD
10. Legal Rights of Minors (MS4) (new chapter pending) - Raphael H. Buencamino, MD, PhD
11. Sexually Adolescent Privacy/Ethical Principles of Medical Care (R) (new chapter pending)

XXI. Behavioral Health:
Section Editors - Taryn Park, MD and Shaylin Chock, MD
1. Common Behavioral Problems in Toddlers and Young Children (MS4) - Sharon M. Tisza, MD
2. Autism and Language Difficulties (MS3) - Mai Anh K. Nguyen, MD
3. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (MS3) - Jeffrey K. Okamoto, MD
4. Oppositional Defiant Disoder and Conduct Disorder (MS4) - Jennifer A. Yokoyama
5. Somatoform Disorders (R) (new chapter pending) - Alex Willis, MD
6. Depression and Bipolar Disorders (MS4) (new chapter pending) - Asad Ghiassudin, MD

XXII. Skin:
Section Editor - Jenny Liu, MD
1. Eczematous Dermatitis (Atopic Dermatitis and Seborrhea) (MS3) - Shannon M. Sheu, MD
2. Acne (MS4) - M. Stanton Michels, MD
3. Hemangiomas, Vascular Malformations, and Nevi (MS4) - Amity Tran
4. Common Skin Conditions (MS4) - Alyssa M. Roberts
5. Drug Eruptions, Erythema Multiforme, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (MS3)(new chapter pending) - Doug Johnson, MD
6. Verrucae (Warts) and Molluscum Contagiosum (MS4) (new chapter pending) - Shannon Sheu, MD
7. Neonatal Rashes (MS3) - Amity Tran

XXIII. Reviewing the Medical Literature:
Section Editor - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
1. Statistics (MS4) - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA
2. Evidence-Based Medicine (MS4) - Makoa K. Mau
3. Epidemiology and Research Methodology (MS4) - Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA

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