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UH Metadirectory - Unison2

Unison2 is the first revision to the original Unison system. It also marks the beginning of the UH Metadirectory, the new official name for Unison.

Unison2 Features

  • A standard multi-tasking TCP server
  • An Oracle database
  • https
  • XML

Unison2 Benefits

  • Faster Unison server response times
  • Increased Unison server reliability
  • Doing away with the 5-minute Unison server startup time
  • Improved accesibility because of widely used standards
  • Manipulate data using SQL
  • Manipulate data without relying on the Unison server
  • Support for full automation of data transfer and consolidation
  • Instant synchronization of LDAP and NIS

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