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plumeria and philodendron

L A B   M E M B E R S

A picture of lab member Yun Kang.

Yun Kang


B.Sc. Microbiology (Wuhan University)

Ph.D. Microbiology (University of Hawaii at Manoa)


Regulation mechanism of global regulator PsrA in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Developing of genetic tools based on non-antibiotic resistant markers in Burkholderia species.

Burkholderia gene expression during eukaryotic cell infections.

A picture of lab member Michael Norris.

Michael Norris


B.Sc. Microbiology (University of Texas at Austin)


Development of non-antibiotic selectable markers for use in bacterial select agents.

Studying gene-expression during cellular infection caused by the select agent Burkholderia pseudomallei.

Discerning the ecological forces affecting the location of B. pseudomallei in the environment.

Awarded the NSF-IGERT (Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Research Training) Graduate Fellowship 2008-2009

A picture of lab member Jan Zarzycki-Siek.

Jan Zarzycki-Siek


B.Sc. Biology (University of Hawaii at Manoa)


Fatty acid degradation (Fad) regulation in P. aeruginosa.

A picture of lab member Zhenxin Sun.

Zhenxin Sun


B.Sc. Shandong Agricultural University


Fatty acid degradation in P. aeruginosa

Past Lab Members

  • Kristen O’Donnell Joachimides
  • Wendy Yang
  • Karin Lundquist
  • Xiaojun Lu
  • David T. Nguyen
  • Rolin Kuba
  • Mike S. Son
  • Ashley R. Barrett

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