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August 10, 2003
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This work was supported by a Microbial Observatories grant from the National Science Foundation under award #0084236 to Maqsudul Alam.

Thanks to the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Department of Land and Natural Resources for assistance during planning for sample collection at Laysan and on the Pearl and Hermes Atoll. We are indebted to Dr. Jim Maragos, Chief Scientist of the NOW-RAMP-II cruise for his support during the cruise. Also to the captain and crew of the MV Rapture, Dr. Dave Gulko and the other NOW-RAMP II participants. Valuable field assistance was provided at Laysan and Pearl and Hermes Atoll by Renee Harada. Kalle Johansson, Jing Liu, and Kit Shan Lee provided assistance in the laboratory. Shaobin Hou supervised much of the sequencing work. Prof. Stephan Kempe and Mark Speck assisted at Lake Kauhako. Brian Neville and Lance Tamashiro assisted at Lake Waiau. The Lake Wai‘ele‘ele trip was counducted through logistic support of Haleakela National Park (National Park Service), specifically Park Manager Ron Nagata (Chief, Division of Resources Management). Thanks also to the Park Ranger and our field guide Terry M. Lind and helicopter pilot, Richard "Duke" Baldwin. Thank you to Dr. JoAnn Radway for advice and assistance with cyanobacteria isolations. Thanks also to the National Park Service in Kalaupapa. Thanks to Jimmy Saw for designing this website.


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